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Kul Ecoloch Mahalunge Pune

Categories: Company

Kul Ecoloch Pune is fresh luxury class residential project of Kumar properties located at Mahalunge in Pune. Kul Ecoloch Pune is not only offering an apartment to the residents of Pune but it is offering dream home where millions of memories will cherish. Kul Ecoloch Pune is offering you and your family the choice of 1/2/3 BHK apartments covering an area ranging from 392 sq ft to 1296 sq ft. The price of dream homes of Kul Ecoloch Pune is starting from Rs. 22,50,000 onwards.

The tentative time of which possession is expected to be offered is year 2014.

Kul Ecoloch Mahalunge Pune is initiated at the vicinity from where these professionals can get close proximity to their offices and other strategic places, such as, Pune Mumbai Highway, Balewadi Sports Stadium, D mart Supermarket, and Baner; hence, the invaluable time of the residents of the project will be saved and they will have maximum time to spend with their family and friends. project is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and greenery.

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Kumar builder ‘s hot project kul ecoloch Located at Mahalunge Pune( Hinjewadi near a river ). Its just pune Mumbai highway 3 kms

The apartments of Kul Ecoloch are being designed by highly experienced and enthusiastic architects and engineers to offer you high quality and durable designs. Further, the project has elegant doors with elegant fittings. In addition, each apartment has designed glazed tiles dado up to 7, concealed plumbing with hot and cold mixer unit of reputed brand, provision for kitchen trolleys, modular switches of reputed brands, EPBX system, granite door frames for toilet, and provision of water purifier and exhaust fan in kitchen.

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Kul Ecoloch Pune is also having many world class amenities, such as, club house with swimming pool, carnival pathway, blade well, amphitheater, mural wall, kid’s play area, small plaza, banyan tree, youth corner, rappelling wall, drawing wall, and Dandiya plaza to make your life more graceful and comfortable.

Kumar Builders is at this time famous as Kul in its short form of Kumar Urban Development Limited. ‘Kumar Developers’ is not simply just an organization it is a mark of harmony, the embodiment of togetherness, in brief a revolution that assures to develop the life of each one we mention. At the moment the Kumar Builders is efficiently handled under the direction of our chairman Shri. Lalit Kumar Jain with a team of devoted and qualified managers and professionals who have cosmic knowledge and skill in the region of design and architecture, legal matters, project planning and implementation, procurement and marketing

Kumar builder launched new project . Kul Ecoloch Located at Mahalunge Pune ( Hinjewadi near a river ).This project is offering 1/2/3 BHK apartments covering an area ranging from 392 sq ft to 1296 sq ft, at affordable price. There is no doubt that getting one of the Kul Ecoloch Pune apartments will be a step in the right direction. This decision to live or move to Mahalunge Pune will not only be a dream come true, but also a step towards a secure future but also a dream come true.

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