Kudler Fine Foods Innovations Essay

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Kudler Fine Foods Innovations

We wish to identify the internal and external drivers of innovation for Kudler Fine Foods. We also wish to describe how innovation design and creative thinking might benefit the Kudler Fin foods in terms of meeting the organizational objectives Kudler Fine Foods is a special experience everyone should have. Kudler Fine Foods is an upscale specialty store. Their Mission statement says that our selections with the experienced, helpful, and knowledgeable staff merge to offer each customer a delightful and pleasing shopping experience. Kudler Fine Foods has to be continually innovative in order to differentiate themselves from other stores. They are known for their very extensive domestic and imported wine list along with other spirits, home baked breads in the old style European bakery, specialty meats and seafood are organic, and gourmet cheeses, irish butter and organic milk and finally the produce of over 350 vegetable, fruits and herb and spices.

Kudler Fine Foods is founded by Kathy Kudler and the tone of the organization is based on her personality and dedication of gourmet foods. The attitude of the organization is friendly and open. Many employees know each other because of there are only 3 stores in the San Diego area. They interact on a more personal and friendly level. Kudler not only offers a commitment to the customers but also with the organization itself. They do this through their strategic objective, expanding services and improving operations of efficiency. Kudler appears to be an informal organization by offering parties in the store to show customers how to prepare specialty foods. The culture is upscale and chic as is evident by their gourmet products which draws a high margin. They emphasize social networking with their gourmet products.

Kudler strives to differentiate themselves from other markets by offering points for high end gifts, first class airline upgrades and specialty products. Technology at Kudler Fine Foods is known because of the implementation of the frequent shopper program. Information is easily gathered by this program about customer purchasing habits. This allows the company to give special attention to customers such as coupons and discounts. This also allows the company to determine what products should be ordered more often, where they should place the product in the store and how to mark the product better. Self checkout lanes allow the customer to bag and checkout their products without a cashier which cuts down on the labor cost saving the company some money.

Kudler’s Managers have motivation, desire, and responsibility in their employees. The majority of employee’s at Kudler are satisfied and committed. Employee’s at Kudler like recognition of their progress by receiving rewards and raises. Each employee meets with his or her management team on a daily basis to discuss goals and strengthen operations in their areas. This gives the employees a sense of contribution to the organization. Kudlers has maintained an atmosphere where employees feel comfortable and appreciated. In comparison of other companies Kudler is doing quite well financially. Kudler’s net revenues are showing tremendous growth. Kudler maintains a strong presence in the global marketplace.

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