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Kuala Lumpur Essay

Since I was in the primary school I always be the shy one. Not knowing what I realy want, and I always live behind the shadow of my big sister. She is the star of the school and I was always ‘Amira’s li”le brother’. When she le$ for the secondary school, all the teachers turned to me, expec’ng me to be the replacement of her but I always thought that I could never (ll those expecta’on and I always failed them. A$er all, I was ‘red of living under her shadow.

Everyone expec’ng me to be as good as her in everything. To put it bluntly, I am a lost cause, un’l on my 2nd year of high school when I learn that beau’ful form of art called ‘Dance’. For some people, they always said dancing got no future in it. But, for me it is my life, In 2009, my friends and I has form a dance crew called Huru Hara Crew. At (rst, it’s real hard for us because we never get any support from our family, teachers, and our schoolmate. The hardest part of it is when we joined any compe”on, we always lost because of we lack of experience.

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A$er two years dancing without we had never won any compe”on for almost 2years, any silverware, we decided to audi’on for Showdown 2011. We never passed the audi’on and almost think to give up our dream. But, the judges word (re us up to be a be”er dancer. A month a$er that, we’ve audi’on for “Digi Live Sekolahku Berbakat”. For the (rst ‘me, we had pass the audi’on and got the best four group in Perak region. A$er that, we had been called to be a backup dancer for Zenny Salehuddin for her song Kau Kau. The best part of our success is when we won Disney’s My School Rock dance compe”on for two consecu’ve year.

We also won many compe”on a$er Digi Live. It changed the percep’on of everyone once bashed us. From that day, dance is not just a hobby for us, it’s our LIFE. A$er we taking our SPM examina’on, we had been awarded to be a part of Digi Tour around Malaysia. But, all the lovely part of it had turned to an end when most of us had go to further study. When I was o:ered by KPTM Kl, I had to be pated with my crewmate. I have never felt so lost. We are o:ered by di:erent colleges in di:erent state, it’s really hard ‘me for us to give our commitment for our crew.

So I decided to create a new dance crew in my colleges and recruited some of the students. With all experience I had, the crew has been a success. We had won several compe”on such as Mos’ ;ashmob compe”on, Karnival Kecergasan Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur and we also represen’ng Kuala Lumpur for compe’ng in the Na’onal Level of Karnival Kecergasan. Hopefully I can get a new experience since I have transfer to KPTM Ipoh to take care of my mother.

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