Korean Traditional Architecture Essay

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Korean Traditional Architecture

These days, the major talking point in design is sustainability. Then, what is sustainability and why is it necessary? Wikipedia defines sustainability as “the capacity to endure”. The term can be applied to many areas of thought such as economy, energy, life sciences, etc. It is the hot word to characterize resources. It is a descriptive word explaining a particular resource can support and replicate itself with little or no adverse impact to our ecosystem. It is necessary for extended long term survival for plants and animals that our ecosystem remains diverse. This diversity helps support life on our planet and ultimately helps support the well-being of humans. In architecture, in view of that, the Korean traditional architecture should be preserved because it is really beautiful and the most environmental friendly architecture in the world.

Han-ok is the Koreantraditional style of building edifice. It is characterized by its harmony with nature. Han-ok has been reflected from the tradition, culture and socio-economic living style for a long time. Recently, this has been accentuated on the advantages in aspect of the sustainable society to make up the natural conservation. The environmentally friendly aspects of Han-ok range from the structure’s inner layout to the building materials which were used. The spaces and the materials of Han-ok are considered the representative elements providing functionality and health. The close relationship between the inside and outside area makes the air naturally circulate and natural materials such as wood, soil, rock, and paper, are all natural and recyclable and do not cause pollution have the function as natural ventilation, heat storage, and in the prevention of various illnesses. Han-ok has their own tiled roofs, wooden beams, and stone block construction.

Cheo-ma is the edge of Han-ok’s curvy roofs. It can be adjusted to control the amount of sunlight that enters the house. Korean traditional paper, Han-ji is lubricated with bean oil making it waterproof and polished. Windows and doors made with it are beautiful and breathable. The posts, or ‘Daedulbo’ are not inserted into the ground, but are fitted into the cornerstones to keep Han-ok safe from earthquakes. After that, anyone talking about Han-ok cannot help but mention On-dol. The On-dol is a unique underfloor heating system which uses direct heat transfer from wood smoke to the underside of a thick masonry floor. It has traditionally been used with a living space for sitting, eating, sleeping and pastimes, in most Korean homes before the 1960s.

Nowadays, most home used hot water pipe instead of On-dol because it is much simpler to install and low cost. But according to the result of the study, On-dol can provide saving of up to 20% on yearly heating costs. For a case in point, as part of its energy conservation plan, the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) in France is studying the On-dol. Actually, meantime mostly Korean traditional housing was collapse recognized building of stuffy and inefficient. Collapse to remove dated of track following regard disappear to many worthy history building.

However come to these days Korean traditional housing skill on the strength of something nature friendly and effect of heal. Similar to conventional building, Han-ok has a life cycle in construction, maintenance and demolition. So, we have to try to preserve and improve the main characteristic components into the environmental friendly. Also we have to understand right of our tradition, we must ready of act fast modern live. We are always thinking about the need to be in harmony with nature when we create the building or any product.

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