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Kollections - Music Blog


Brian Loving is the founder of Kollections. Kollections is a music blog that offered free listening music through SoundCloud. At the time when he started this company, he was a college student, and he also worked a part time job. He used his love for music which was also his favorite interest and hobby to launch this business.

Brain has had three years of web design which mean Mr. Lovin knew how to drive internet traffic. At the very beginning of his business idea, the company started off very slow.

It did not take long for everyone to catch on to his music blogging website. By word of mouth at which was at the beginning of August he had reached to 2800 hits. Once September of that year came around, he increased to 85,000.

By the time October came he had reached up to an overall 200,000. The company grew so big, he had a team of six writers. Due to copiers, Brian had no choice but to find a away to differentiate his company.

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He did this by selling t shirt apparel which was a huge success. He also offered services where people could stream and download music on their phones and offering ad services.

He had a series of threats to come along toward his company such as Pandora and Spotify, but he still managed. The company was still big, but he didn’t make enough to pay employees that he would need to help keep the company going. He thought about making more apparel but due to him being a college student and a part time worker.

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He felt he didn’t have the time but, he was willing to accept the challenge!

Type of Company

I would choose this company as Type B. I chose this company because it is technology, and he found ways that already exist between other companies developing a better service by differentiating his ideas.

As he mentioned in the summary he came up with ways where people could download the music to their phones, which other people could not do at the time for free. His sources were his prior work experience, his hobbies and interest for music. I would consider his t shirt apparel as an accident discovery because he did not expect for that to be profitable or a success.


Kollections has a few strengths. It is very well known, it already has a fan base, and a variation of products. Brian was also able to make money from selling ads. The company’s weakness is that it grew to big without Brian being able to afford to proper sources of generating enough money to pay his employees.

For the company’s opportunity, I feel Brian needs to complete college, so he is able to have more time to focus on this company and gain bigger profits. Once he finishes, he will be able to put all of his time into his ideas. This would most definitely be considered an industry environment. Kollections threats would be the bigger companies who are making more money such as Spotify and Pandora.


Starting out, considering Brian was determined to have a new idea before other companies copy his, I would say Brian followed a cost base strategy. He offered cost services, but the other companies founded ways to offer free services.

He saved his company by using the differentiating strategy which this an approach that emphasized the uniqueness of this company. He did this by offering ad services, songs he could down load on the phone, and selling his t-shirt apparel.

A Feasible Company

The company is quite feasible. Brian was well aware of the pros and cons to this business. Most important he was well aware of his competitors.

He is familiar with the market, which is music, and I definitely think he understands leadership quite well. It seems like he did a great job placing his writing team together. He understood this industry attractiveness as well!


I think once Brian complete college, he will have more time to invest in his company. Due to him having a fan based already that is familiar with his company, he would have more time to think of ways to differentiate his ideas to keep generating profit and to be able to compete with his competitors.

Brian would be able to generate more profits also to grow his company bigger, so he would be able to afford employees to help manage his company.

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