Kolkata - Living in Style and Luxury

Kolkata is the cultural, commercial and educational hub of the country. With the emergence of the industrial sector, the city’s development has touched a new height. The surge of malls and hotels in the city and the tremendous rise in investments has made Kolkata the most sought after place to reside. Even though the city is a benchmark when it comes to modernity, it has also retained its old world charm in many places of the city. When it comes to real estate in Kolkata, the impeccable infrastructure projects are in high demand in the market giving home shoppers an array of choices ranging from high-end to affordable properties.

PS102 Joka is one such property which offers supreme craftsmanship combined with exceptional amenities. The stunning landscape is designed by Tectonix, Malayasia and Thailand and the sophisticated architecture is designed by SRSS, Singapore. PS102 Joka is located in a stellar location in Diamond Harbour Road of Kolkata.

Special Features

PS102 Kolkata provides special features for the comfort of the home dwellers of this magnificent property.

Features include the amazing sculpture garden, the exquisite Zen garden and the butterfly garden which is no less than a treat for the eyes. The butterfly garden boasts of varieties of beautiful and colorful butterflies that reside in the garden. There are also beautifully created sit-out zones where occupants can spend time talking with each other or just take in the lovely view of the surroundings. There is also a specially constructed star-gazing area for the star gazers to view the beautiful night sky.

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The development also provides other amenities to the residents such as festival podium, arcade gaming zone, karaoke room, poolside cabanas, and driveway lights with timers, waterside board game zone etc. There is also a pet friendly zone developed specially to ensure years of happiness for you and your furry friend. Home seekers are offered 2 and 3 BHK apartments equipped with all the latest amenities that make life comfortable. PS 102 Joka Price starts from 33 Lacs for 2 BHK and 40 lakhs for 3 BHK apartments. By paying a sum of Rs. 1 Lakh you can immediately book your dream home.

Area Amenities

The superb positioning of PS 102 Joka Kolkata makes it one of the most sought-after real estate development. The proposed metro station at Joka is only 1.4 km away from the property. The ESI hospital is located at only 1.4 km distance and the beautiful Pailan Bazaar is only 600 m away from the apartment.

The variety and volume of special amenities available to PS The 102 Kolkata dwellers cater to their various needs and demands. It has all the modern state-of-the-art facilities to make the home seeker feel at home. While searching for a perfect home, residents are seeking out convenience more than ever and PS 102 Joka promises to deliver exactly what the home-seekers are looking for.

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