Kohlberg’s Model Essay

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Kohlberg’s Model

Kohlberg’s Model for moral growth is a composition through which he constituted a version of psychological theory and began his work as a student of psychology in the University of Chicago. The model underlines the cornerstone for ethical thinking or act which is moral conclusions. It constitutes six stages in which each stage is better than its forerunner. He depended for his research on narrations such as Heinz dilemma. The six stages of Kohlberg can be compiled into three levels constituting two stages each.

The three levels are; level one is pre-conventional, level two is conventional and last but not the least level third is post-conventional. Level one; pre-conventional level constitutes two stages which are obeisance and sanction orientation, egocentricity orientation. Level two includes social accordance and abidance, dominance and social-order asserting orientation. Level three includes societal constrict orientation and ecumenical ethical rationales.

The pre-conventional level of moral development is mostly seen in children, though it can also be exhibit by adults. The stage one defines that people aims at the aftermaths of their accomplishments on them and the second stage defines the self interests of the people as it shows what is their in the situation for the person. The conventional way of moral development is typically shown in stripling and adults. In this level people follows or obeys the decrees of a society even when in that respect no outcomes are for sure.

In the third stage, the reflection of intentions is very important as the self interests of the people are now within the limitations of a society. In the subsequent stage, pronouncements and rules are very important to be obeyed as they are responsible in the proper functioning of the society. The greatest happiness of the greatest number is the foundation of morals and legislation. —– By Jeremy Bentham The post-conventional level is an actualization of rise in self, beyond the rules of the society and this level is known as high-principled level.

In the fifth stage, the opinion of different people must be respected as the region where person lives also affect their opinion and values, the people should understand the need for cosmopolitan eudemonism. In the sequential stage, moral development based on the synopsis of logical thinking utilizing the ecumenical ethical precepts. Moral Intensity is one of the aspects which play a wide role in the realization of moral consequences, hence have direct impact on the ethical-decision making and the decision making becomes beside the point when the person do not understand the basis of moral issue.

Moral Intensity is one of the aspects of general pertinence of model stated by Kohlberg of cognitive moral reasoning or development. Eventuality issue is very necessary to prescriptive verdict of moral conclusions and also for the people who form such issues. Various components of moral intensiveness are instantaneously depended on the verdicts of moral issues. The various development models and theories must include a potential way to insure attributes in which there is involvement of moral consequences.

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