Knowledge without application is worthless Essay

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Knowledge without application is worthless

A great philosopher once said, “Without knowledge action is useless and knowledge without action is futile”Good morning ladies and gentlemen I’m Abdul Rafae and today I’m going to speak on ‘knowledge without application is useless’Humans have a common ability of applying almost everything in their life. Talking about new fashions, trends, innovations but when it comes to applying knowledge, situation is slightly different. Not all people r experts but the qs is what lacks in most knowledgeable humans that becomes an obstacle for them to become an expert. Ladies & gentlemen the answer is as simple as that, they simply lack the ability to use that knowledge just wen it is requird..

I’ve often been hearing an old saying…knowledge is power. However, I never agreed with it. I knew it had to be corrected to application of knowledge is power because this is what’s important. Cramming us with useless knowledge contributes to no added value.

Rote learning of the books particularly ends up is ruining one’s life. I don’t say being a knowledgeable person is bad but if one has the knowledge yet fails to implement it where required…he’s a man of no worth!Considering the competition prevailing in our society today, we’re now in a much more complex state where everybody is seeking knowledge either by book or crook, but when it comes to application of that knowledge we fail to see ‘those geniuses’ getting successful.

I’ll support my idea by a very well-known example which I know would be acceptable to all my fellow friends sitting here. This example is of Bill Gates. Yes I’m talking about one of the richest men on earth today who is not even a high school pass out yet is controlling consumers around the globe. Now what exactly do you think is the key to his success? Luck… Source… Or excessive knowledge? Let me tell you it was none of these three. In fact for being another Bill Gates you need to have a passion and you need to know how to apply your skills with respect to the need….and ladies and gentlemen trust me it maybe possible that application along may get you to success. However knowledge alone may not do so.

Now let me define the difference between having knowledge & applying it. Lets suppose for e.g. you have a novel of your favourite author but you don’t know how to read the words in it. Would you be able to ever finish it?That’s exactly my point, when u don’t know how to apply ur reading skills how wud u read?Interestingly every student wants an exam free life, don’t we hate exams? Yes we do… its bitter but a fact that if we are not tested on what we acquire from our respected teachers we may never learn to apply it. Hence instead of considering them as a nite mare take exams as a step towards applying whatever ur taught.

As time is limited I would like to end my speech by saying that I Abdul Rafae have 2 A’s in my o’levels till now and a successful educational background. My purpose is not to show off but I’m proud to say that I’m not only a knowledge person but I’m a man above that… because I believe knowledge is just the information and only by applying that information we make ourselves what we are. Thank you!

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