Knowledge of the terminology Essay

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Knowledge of the terminology

This paper intends to answer the following question, “Is it appropriate for an officer to use personal or neighborhood slang or jargon in a report? ” as well as, explain the reason/s for it. No, it is not appropriate for an officer to use personal or neighborhood slang or jargon in a report. The reasons for this are the following: First of all, “jargon” may only be understood by those people use it (Caudle et. al. , 1999). The individuals who use it are those who belong to “groups that have a similar interest” (Caudle et. al. , 1999).

Groups inclined in medicine, law, trade, etc are those who converse/communicate through the use of jargon (Caudle et. al. , 1999). Second, it is claimed that “people may use jargon to leave an impression of intelligence or to confuse a person” (Caudle et. al. , 1999). This reason in itself is very clear, it is extremely inappropriate for an officer to file his or her report using “slang” or “jargon” since this may confuse some individuals who do not belong to the group who may read the aforementioned report (Caudle et. al. , 1999).

Third, jargon is only understood by those who have certain knowledge of the terminology utilized (Caudle et. al. , 1999). Thus, in filing a report, it is better to write it in plain English, which is commonly understood by everybody (Caudle et. al. , 1999). Furthermore, it will be easily understood by readers because it does not involve exaggerated words that may puzzle anyone (Caudle et. al. , 1999). Last but not least, the use of jargon is disadvantageous (Caudle et. al. , 1999).

In this case, the person may feel offended upon reading the report of the police just like when an individual is included in a conversation where he or she feels excluded because “jargon” is utilized instead of a “common” language (Caudle et. al. , 1999). Explaining further, an individual may feel that the report may entail a “hidden agenda” because of the utilization of “jargon” or “slang” (Caudle et. al. , 1999). Reference Caudle, P. , Courtney, K. , Guyton, H. , Keller, M. , & Kind, Carol. (1999). Jargon. Retrieved August 14, 2007 from http://www. uncp. edu/home/canada/work/allam/1914-/language/jargon. htm

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