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Essay on Knowledge Management

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Understand The Principles And Practices Of Assessment

When the learner produce a work product or and assignment, the assessor must review the work to ensure that the learner has met all the requirements for this particular unit and that they have met the assessment criteria. The assessor must encourage and give positive feedback to the learner. The assessor must document the feedback, giving the learner guidance on how they can improve their work whe...

Shared Knowledge and Knowledge Management

Knowledge is an inclusive term. Knowledge refers to acquired understanding and awareness of some facts, information, and skills (Webster). In order to obtain a certain level of understanding, one must go through diverse ways of knowing. If the process of obtaining the knowledge is grounded in personal experience and learning, the knowledge is very personal. However, in order to judge the validity ...

Doubt and the Acquisition of Knowledge

Ultimately, I must conclude that doubt can serve as both an asset and a hindrance in acquiring knowledge, but those who are willing to face their doubts may find their efforts rewarding. In the end, perhaps doubt leads to questions that bring about the acquisition of knowledge. I would like to think that is the best outcome and reward from doubt. We do not progress by being perfect. We progress by...

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Hidden Intellect

In his essay, "Hidden Intellectuals," Gerald Graff strongly persuades the reader with the argument, specifically how street smarts can very well be more intellectuals than book smarts. I agree with Gerald Graff that its necessary to look at topics unrelated to school, "through academic eyes." In his essay, he critiques on how schools are missing out on "a valuable opportunity to encourage student...

Supply Chain of Pran

PRAN beverage limited is on the leading position among the country’s agro-based beverage sector. Frooto, a product of PRAN beverage Limited, has captured the largest market share in the countrywide juice market. We know that the profitability of a product depends on some factors. Supply chain is one of the critical factors. Considering this fact, PRAN beverage limited has become able to make a s...

Continuous Improvement and Kaizen

Imai (1986) stated that there is no single day should go by without any kind of improvement being made. In view of the above implementation on the knowledge to Master Cooling Sdn. Bhd. management should rewards whoever that can improve their work system by above mention tools to reduce the lead time and cost efficiency on their daily work. Higher management also have to create a success story on c...

As We Acquire More Knowledge

This is because our source leads us to many materials that we can use to secure more knowledge. The way we are given this source or taught this knowledge also plays a big roll in complexity. For example, if we were taught bad habits in gathering knowledge or the way this knowledge is been taught to us to be dull then we will struggle with acquiring more knowledge. It also depends on how we interpr...

Knowledge vs. Ignorance

For one to have the power to influence others choices and decisions, they must have knowledge to persuade others. Proving someone wrong in an argument or disagreement takes knowledge to show them and witnesses that the opposing side is wrong. Even though holding knowledge of a certain subject can have its consequences, the one who holds it will be able to make what they think the best decisions ar...

Knower's Perspective

If we did not express our personal opinions, and venture away from conventional means of thinking, we would never discover our misconceptions, or improve upon our new discoveries. Today we live in the twenty-first century, often referred to as the technological era, largely due to the achievements of those who chose to consider their personal points of view in their pursuit of knowledge. Justifyin...

Knowledge Is Key To Success if You're Curious

It was an interesting opportunity to get a chance to attend Career events and listen to three guest speakers. The entire exercise created lot of enthusiasm in my way of thinking and envisioning how I would like my professional future to mesmerize me. I got to know a lot from the experiences shared by guest speakers and what today's corporate world is looking for in their next-generation employees....

Knowledge is a true justified belief

Different languages prevalent in different cultures further adds to the difficulty in searching for the truth. A person who has ignorant in English finds it difficult to understand what another one in that language is saying, even though he may have some idea due to the tone of the voice. Similarly one learnt in Chinese finds it difficult to comprehend any other language, and thus language causes ...

The vocabulary has become the cypher to the world of ideas

Not only this, without vocabulary, our knowledge would be limited to the single knowledge of one sole person. We would not be able to build upon the thoughts of others. After this being said, it is also important to keep in mind the need of knowledge in order to develop vocabulary. The initial progression of vocabulary must be started with the initial thought process of vocabulary development, and...

Radical doubt 

A society in which "anything goes" is a place that gives rise to fanatics and extremists. Conclusion  It is difficult to form a coherent picture of reality in the world we live in. The way we see the reality is influenced by our history, culture and psychology.  Three possible solutions to the problem of knowledge: common sense, certainty, and relativism. Since none of them is entirely accurate,...

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