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Knowledge Management Essay Examples

Essay on Knowledge Management

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Managerial issues in managing an organization’s IS infrastructure

There are many managerial issues associated with managing an organization’s Information system infrastructure most of which may lead to financial loss to the organization. Issues like virus attacks and cybercrimes are very rampant and actions should be taken to solve them. A firm’s IS manager should take all the necessary actions to protect the information system infrast...

Shared vs. Personal Knowledge

Personal knowledge (her talent and ability to play the guitar) is converted to shared knowledge (she shares what she knows with her friends).To sum up the above, there are three main components of personal knowledge: what you gain through practice, what you’ve been taught in school, and what you research independently via other sources. To gain maximum knowledge, we must keep a balance between s...

Knowledge management and intellectual capital

In most organisations, there is a lack of appropriate formal measuring constructs for the measurement of the benefits of knowledge assets to organisational performance. Managers operating in the knowledge economy are required to be “knowledge leaders,” who must be aware of the relationship between knowledge and those who possess it in order to successfully fulfil their leadership responsibilit...

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Siemens ShareNet : Building a Knowledge Network

ShareNet should be designed to be business specific so that the knowledge is easily accessible and improves the turn-around time on urgent requests in spite of having it as one big club, which can slow down the access to the knowledge objects. Knowledge Objects should be kept current and up-to-date so that it will be beneficial for the users. Gifts redeemable through ShareNet shares can be re-desi...

Scientific management in modern society

European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, vol.8, no.3, pp.347-369. Merkle,J 1980, Management and Ideology, University of Minnesota press, Minneapolis. Mione,p 2006, Job enrichment, viewed 2 April 2013,< http://edweb.sdsu.edu/people/ARossett/pie/Interventions/jobdesign_1.htm>. Mitcham,C 2005 Encyclopedia of science, technology, and ethics, Macmillan Reference USA, Michigan. Nyla...

Ways of Knowing in Nursing Practice

Cresia, J., & Friberg. (2011). Conceptual foundations: The bridge to professional nursing practice (5th ed.). St. Louis: Mosby. McEwen, M., Pullis, B., White, M., & Krawtz, S. (2013). Eighty percent by 2020: The present and future of RN-to-BSN education. Journal of Nursing Education, 52(10), 549-557. doi:http://dx.doi.org/10.3928/01484834-20130913-01 McEwen, M., & Wills, E. M. (2014). ...

Management Information System - Nokia

7. Nokia (2012) The Nokia Story. (online) (cited 14 Mar 2012) Available from: http://www.about-nokia.com/history/ 8. Nokia (2012) Nokia Leadership Team. (online)(cited 15 Mar 2012) Available from: http://www.nokia.com/my-en/about-nokia/company/governance/leadership/nokia-leadership-team/ 9. Jouni Meriluoto, 2003. Knowledge management and information systems : finding a sociotechnical golden mean (...

A Little Knowledge can be a Dangerous Thing

Believing that one is an expert in a field they have little knowledge about can deeply affect the world. Having a high self-esteem is a good thing, but when it becomes too high and a person believes he is capable of things he is not then the high self-esteem turns into chaos. People specialize in one particular field of study so they can help others. It is impossible for everyone got a PhD in ever...

McKinsey Case Study Analysis

In conclusion, although the organization grew extremely fast and became victims of technology, the implementation of Peter Drucker's, MBO could increase the firm's efficiency for two main reasons. First, it reduces conflict between roles and focuses on results. However, most notably, MBO improves communication, increases motivation and the McKinsey team transforms into snowball makers (practice de...

Equirements for the Corporate Computing Function

Finally, many businesses today are not adequately prepared for an interruption of services. Therefore, it becomes necessary to establish both business disaster recovery and continuity plans to protect the organizations from complete devastation. According to Whitman & Mattord (2010), “the mission statement is the follow- up to the vision statement. If the vision statement states where we wan...

Gerald Graff's Hidden Intellectualism Summary

However, just because a student shows passion towards a non-academic subject, Graff reminds us, that this does not guarantee deep intellectual insight, or a deep quality of thought on that subject. The challenge of letting a student express their own non-academic interests is being able to relate said interest back into academia. As college Professor Ned Laff has said, “[the students...

Inventory Management and Its Methods

This paper has clearly identified the differences between vendor-managed inventory and consignment inventory. Each has its benefits and its problems. VMI is recommended for companies who do not want to have unnecessary inventory, rather than in CI where there is a need for various inventory, but allows the customer to have an opportunity to sell products which are not widely known yet. If the cust...

Creative Industries

Music, animatronics, design, publishing, interactive media, e-commerce and entertainment are all cottage industries on the creative or supply side, relying on small/medium enterprises (SMEs) and freelance creative talent working through short-lived projects. The requirement in this context is for interdisciplinary clusters, flexible and extremely porous teams, and creative enterprises to a certain...

Knowledge Management System: Case Study

Ngoc is a graduate marketing analyst for Smart Sports. One of her key responsibilities is summarising sales results for each store, and developing comparisons between stores, regions, and competitors. Ngoc develops reports on these figures, which she presents to monthly management meetings. Ngoc’s supervisor, Andreas, feels that she is struggling with these regular reports and decides he needs t...

The Hawthorne experiments

Max Webber was one of the earliest proponents of the Charisma as valid leadership characteristics when he described that the Charisma give the leaders the necessary legitimacy into the organization and provide leaders and opportunity to derive power not out of the organizational power such as ability to punish and reward but out of the sheer personal aura of the leader. It is because of this reaso...

Critical Evaluation of the Benefits and Limitations of Using Ict in Knowledge Management Processes

However, it was also shown that ICTs are not sufficiently developed to be able to replace face to face interaction in knowledge management processes. In fact, it is shown that ICT is still highly inadequate in replacing the antecedents required for higher level knowledge management processes that are provided by face to face communications. Hence it can be said that knowledge managers must use ICT...

Learning and Development

Armstrong(2009) identified the following elements needed for learning and development to be really strategic and they go follows: it should make a major contribution to the successful attainment of the organizations objective and investments: it should be integrated with and support the achievement of business and human resource strategies: it should be designed un such a way that it would achieve...

Knowledge Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry

The use of a universal framework to engage pharmacists in assessing their own practices is an essential tool in making firms acknowledge their own level of knowledge as well as keeping them up to date with the most recent information. The fact that there is still competition and huge sums of money invested into R+D shows that all across the industry people are still challenging new ideas, however ...

Knowledge Management Conocophillips

ConocoPhillips believes that “you manage what you measure." Keeping detailed records of business impact has served to galvanize sponsorship and attract and sustain membership to networks. One way the organization assesses business value is through validated success stories. Stories are submitted by employees and document cost savings, reduced cycle times, safety and environmental improvements, a...

Operations Management in Tesco

Publications. (Blazey M., 2008) 7) Bobby D., Boonstra A., and Kennedy G., 2008, Managing Information Systems, Pearson education ltd. (Bobby D., Boonstra A., and Kennedy G., 2008) 8) Bagad V., 2009, Management Information Systems, Technical Publications. (Bagad V., 2009) 9) Lucey T., 2005, management Information System, Pearson Publishers press. (Lucey T., 2005) 10) Marc J. and Ashlyn S., 2007, Out...

Sia Corporation

Why? Rachel Greenwell , a veteran SIA underwriter, clued him in. Especially after weathering a turbulent period. One that had seen plenty of layoffs in the insurance industry, many employees viewed the restructuring as the first step in a process that would lead to pink slips landing on their desks. Some employees, in fact , saw their own highly specialized knowledge as a kind of job insurance pol...

Bloom's Taxonomy

Some critiques of Bloom's Taxonomy's (cognitive domain) admit the existence of these six categories, but question the existence of a sequential, hierarchical link. Also the revised edition of Bloom's taxonomy has moved Synthesis in higher order than Evaluation. Some consider the three lowest levels as hierarchically ordered, but the three higher levels as parallel. Others say that it is sometimes ...

The New York Times and Boston Scientific

Save on the total cost of investment and maintenance of information technology should be allocated by each company. Reduce total cost per employee in management information systems, especially when seen from the magnitude of the needs of a number of information technology such as hardware, software, database, network, infrastructure, and other equipment. Meanwhile, the shared services approach als...

Organizational Knowledge and Knowledge Management

All in all, organizational knowledge and knowledge management is the storage of information and additional data. Individuals that possess this ability make effective decisions to determine the success of the knowledge management initiative. This study considers the most significant methods that an organization uses to handle various problems from information overload including its complexity affec...

Role of HR function in Knowledge Management at Unilever

In today’s fast changing global markets, the new critical resources of success are inside the heads of employees that is knowledge. Knowledge management is a set of relatively new organizational activities that are aimed at improving knowledge, knowledge-related practices, organizational behaviours and decisions and organizational performance. KM focuses on knowledge processes – knowledge crea...

The 3M Company Case Study

3M, which obtains 30% of sales from new products within four years, offers an example of how a culture of innovation can take root and become integral to the continuing success of a company after nearly a century. Even if 3M is the model of innovation management for other companies, it has some limitations in its proper culture, structure and HRM policy which lead 3M to make some improvements that...

Knowledge Management or Truth and Lies

In certain cases it may also cause you to doubt a claim that is actually true. For example if I Know a friend who has a tendency to exaggerate and make belief things then even if he is speaking the truth my own judgment of him can cause me to disbelief his truth. Whereas someone who I trust I may find it difficult to see through his lies. Body language is also a very important factor in determinin...

B&Q Case Study

For example, Baer (1987) and Abbott (1988) explained that in order to defend their position, occupational groups such as doctors would write down or ‘black box’ their skills and knowledge which is then used by others as guidelines or instructions to follow. B&amp;Q is following the same concept as they wish to guard their position as a responsible organization or employer where the rights ...

Altruism and Knowledge Sharing

Introducing altruism (an unselfish regard for or devotion to the welfare of others) could be the new coaching technique or the new business class taught in colleges. If we want our corporations to run more successfully, then why not introduce a program that teaches leaders and employees these qualities? References Byfield, R. (2013, May 13). Altruism Boosts Well-being. Retrieved from http://www. t...


UGANDA CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY MUKONO FACULTY OF BUSINESS AND ADMINISTRATION BACHELORS DEGREE IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATIONLecturer: Mr. WANDA PETERCourse unit: MISName: LASU JACOB Regno. : S16b05/368Question.For any organization that you know clearly identify the components that make up a Management Information System.Why is it that Management Information System sometimes fail?A)A management informatio...

Introduction Nowadays Knowledge is important because it can control access to opportunity and

1.0 Introduction. Nowadays, Knowledge is important because it can control access to opportunity and advancement. Knowledge management is important because it is an effective application can be used to make a good decision and a source of business success. Knowledge management is important as a concept of organizational knowledge in order to make a good and quality decisions. People play a main rol...

Voelpel 2006 Different theorists have presented varying

The purpose of a study by Shi & Zhang (2018) was to explore the impact of inbound open innovation and inertia on a firm's radical innovation capability, as well as the moderating effect of organizational inertia on the relationship. Chesbrough & Bogers (2014) defined open innovation as a firm's distributed innovation process and ability to use external and internal ideas and directions to ...

Knowledge management

Organizations that know how to leverage knowledge will succeed. Organization. They will be able to track changes in the marketplace, which will reduce the surprises that arise by uncertainties. Transforming the culture of an organization, from what they are doing now and emplacement with it, to a culture which is foreign to them will be a very difficult Job. However, knowledge is power therefore, ...

Knowledge Management

One has to sustain in the continuous knowledge flow. Issues and challenges in academics not only affect people within the institutions, but also other segments like environment, industry standards and demands, educational norms and growing business school competition. Knowledge management increases the ability of the management institutes to learn from its environment and incorporate knowledge int...

Knowledge management and intellectual capital

Managers operating in the knowledge economy are required to be "knowledge leaders," who must be aware of the relationship between knowledge and those who possess it in order to successfully fulfill their leadership responsibilities. Based on the findings of this research, managers in the organizations are expected to develop strategies, adopt structures, and construct systems that effectively coor...

Knowledge Management: The benefits of implementing

Sharing knowledge will only be successful when a market demand and supply for knowledge is created. Eventually, the shared knowledge base will lead to the erosion of private power bases, as high-quality information becomes available online. While technology can only be an enabler and not a driver, some solutions, can reticular, if a technology solution provides quality information in a shared know...

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