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The Significance of Knowledge
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“And what, Socrates, is the food of the soul? Surely, I said, knowledge is the food of the soul.” Plato, founder of the western world’s first university voices in his Socratic dialogue. Education is the long course of receiving information, then grasping that information given to you at an educational institution. Education, more specifically writing was found by ancient civilizations so that they could preserve their cultural heritage and transfer it to following generations. Nowadays, many believe that education is…...
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Keys to Academic Success
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College is one of the most important phases of student life. It can get tough because of numerous activities but the goals are undoubtedly achievable when the things asked, are done correctly. Though there is no authority or anyone’s interference all the time, college can get very stressful at times. Most people will say intelligence is necessary to succeed in college but the truth is managing time skillfully, studying regularly and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the key to thrive…...
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Is reason the source of knowledge?
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What we find is that rationalists find favour with the developments in mathematical and geometrical thinking in the seventeenth century and wish to employ them in regard to our general reasoning abilities. In regards to human thinking and a theory of epistemology rationalists assumed that the best ideas were based on reason, not observation. For example, the perfect triangle is an idea of reason, it can never be observed in the empirical world. Indeed, empirical triangles were thought of as…...
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The Importance of the Written Word
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Since the beginning of time books have been considered the infinite holders of knowledge, only the rich and powerful could afford. At birth young minds are fresh and ready to be molded by creativity and knowledge; books are one of the many ways to fill this infinite space. By showing and reading books to children beginning at young age scientists’ have seen superior brain development, increased curiosity to learn to read and write. Inspiring children to create characters, see scenes…...
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Knowledge Is Key To Success if You’re Curious
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Pages • 14
Emerging Technologies - Sam Cogan Sam did Bachelor's in business information systems from National college of Ireland. Initially he hated programming so the first year was kind of difficult for him but as he came to learn more and started gaining interest in programming or computers in general he started liking it, and today he develops webpages for clients, he optimizes webpages as a freelancer and he teaches web-design as a professor in the National College of Ireland. According to…...
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