Knowledge and experiences Essay

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Knowledge and experiences

I am a reliable person. I am organized and I do plan things ahead of time. I do not want to do things unprepared. I can work well with others. I can easily adjust to new environments and I have a personality that can go along with different types of people. I know how to communicate well and I am known for being a team player. I always communicate with my team to avoid misunderstanding. I always make it a point not work for myself alone instead I aim for mutual cooperation to achieve the goals and objectives of the team.

In terms of work attitude, I am a very responsible person. I can work alone and I do have the initiative who can work with less supervision. When I work, I do not leave things until it is almost perfectly done. I always give best in everything that I do. I work with my heart and I work steadily and consistently. I am also an outgoing person and love to go on new ventures to learn more. It is my way of broadening my knowledge and experiences. I learn lessons from my new discoveries. I am very active and energetic and love social works.

I am very sensitive to the needs of others. I can be a very good friend and I love making friends with people. Many like me too as I know how to listen to them. I have always been considered by my friends as loyal and trustworthy in fact I am a confidante to many of my friends. I am also honest and see to it that I speak only of the truth because I would like others to be honest to me too. I don’t go much with night activities. I am a morning person. I love to do things during day time and venture on nature activities rather than taking night life.

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