“Knitting ” by David Dillon Essay

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“Knitting ” by David Dillon

This story is about the relationship and very strong ties between wife and husband. The message is a longing desire of the wife to save routine life with her husband, avoid any changes in their life. This woman is someone who is more that only housewife. Despite the fact that she is not aware of some inner power She influences on the situation enormously.

On the one hand her knitting is a symbol of some kind of routine homelife, very usual activity, but on the other hand it is a reference to mythology. Where thread means destiny and they knit to change their fate. Knitting indicate a transparent very strong connection between wife’s actions and an accident. Collocations of “knitting+ phrasal verb” have some intertextual meanings. The repetitions create a certain effect. ” continued knitting, stopping her knitting (It means that the accident happened) , set the knitting aside, sat down to her knitting once more, setting her knitting to her side, putting her knitting materials away (It means that her husband died) “she began to knit fast and furiously”. It means that she want to revive him, to back him to life. The Cohesive means are very important here and contribute to the coherence of the text.

There are many obvious references that something terrible has happened and many discrepancies (for instance “his hair was combed back as usual” in spite of it was raining; that he did not move; he did not answer two calls though he was near the phone and there are some differences of their discourses ( She talked about the food and he about love).

The first paragraph is based on the description mostly, narrative and sets a general atmosphere of disturbance. Mrs Walley’s emotions are expressed through her physical state (” Her knees were clasped together and both her arms were tight at her sides as she concentrated on her work”, peered).

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