Knights Tale Compare And Contrast Movie And Book

The book and the movie have some similarities, where they use swords to fight, but the movie used more lances for jousting. Comparing both the book and the movie to our real lives, our lives don¡¦t have too much in common. In our lives we don¡¦t carry around swords, and wear armor, or compete in games with lances. Our competitions usually consist of our bare hands and feet, to fight. In a way we do have a type of sport that is almost similar to sword fighting, which is called ¡§Fencing.

¡¨ This is where the rules are almost similar but you fight in different motions. We also have games that use guns also, but they also hurt a lot, this game is called ¡§paint ball.¡¨ Where you try to hunt down your opponent and shoot him before he shoots you with his paint balls.

The time periods are different, since the book and the movie are told in the medieval times.

While ours is present twentieth century time. We drive cars, ride bikes, or some even ride the buses. In the movie and the book they had mostly rode horses, or walked. In which some cases some people still do walk now to get to certain places. The old ways are also the new ways in religion. Since we still believe in the Christian ways, like they did back in the medieval times, but mainly the English people believe in this.

They way they had lived in the medieval times, was that they lived mostly in hard concrete houses, or brick houses.

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They would use lanterns for their lights, or torches, sometimes even to stay warm they would build a small fire. Now we just build our houses out of wood, but there are still some that are made out of concrete and bricks. The majority of houses are built out of wood, and run on electricity, to heat the house, or to cool it down with the air conditioning. The only time that we light lanterns or fires are when we go out camping, so we bring fire wood, and other equipment¡¦s to cook with, such as a small gas stove.

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Knights Tale Compare And Contrast Movie And Book
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