Kite Runner Essay

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Kite Runner

In Khaled Hossenis tale of the vindictive pressures borne by those with antagonistic motives, ? The Kite Runner’ illustrates that for one to be relieved from their negative actions, they must undertake the support of heroic qualities. The novel suggests that for one to become closer to self realization they must adopt the use of altruism. Such trait can help lead the characters away from past horrors and grievances.

In addition to such quality alone may not be enough, one must also utilize being brave and loyal towards the surrounding world, evoking these personalities allows one to be alleviated from and obtain a conscience free from guilt. However, the novel also displays the possibilities that if one does not enlist the support of such heroic qualities, they will be forced with vehement ramifications which will be burdened upon them, taking them away from a state of tranquillity. To grow closer to self realization, altruism must be evoked. A perfect example of such suggestion is Baba.

Trying to be alleviated of his sins, Baba took in Ali and Hassan in order to hide from the pain and disloyalty caused by his earlier mistakes. Utilizing altruism as a positive trait Baba created an orphanage in order to help others in a quest to atone for his sins. Amir going older, had reached a certain stage of realization, he took in the fact that he had to be unselfish and had to sacrifice himself when saving Sohrab from the terrible Afghanistan. Sanaubar had also sought altruism, after coming back to Afghanistan to see her son who she had neglected after birth.

“I have walked long and far t??? Even more” By obtaining such trait, it becomes easier for one to become closer to godliness. However altruism alone may not suffice. Evoking a since of strength and loyalty, Baba had been brave despite what others thought and their negative reactions, he still undertook the creation of the orphanage on his own. “Sceptics had urged him to stop ??. Of course, Baba refused. ” Being brave Baba was also willing to sacrifice his life in order to save an innocent woman from being shot and rapped.

“Tell him ill take a thousand of his bullets?.. Indecency take place” Bravery in Amir was unsought for until he was older. He flew back to the troublesome Afghanistan, and fought a once lost battle with the Neo Nazi Assef. Realising that Hassan was a true friend; Amir committed himself to being a loyal friend, and took in Sohrab, Hassans Son. Sanaubar had faced her inner demons and her acts of disgrace by showing up returning to the discrimination of Afghanistan to be with her son and spend her last dying days with him and his family.

However, not reaching realization and being away from positive traits may lead to horrific consequences. Such acts include, Amir betraying his loyalty to Hassan, abusing such friendship, each betraying motif had lead to a new lie which soon enough being entrapped under the tangle of lies, being in that sort of state forever haunts him, disallowing him to even hear the words Hassan. Sanaubar could not achieve redemption by fleeing the new born Hassan to save her Reputation, leaving behind her life and her own flesh and blood.

Baba had faced a difficult ? bear’ when being forced to commit extraordinary acts in order to admit to his actions and to receive true realization. ?The Kite Runner” has conveyed many possibilities that one may explore for them to redeem for their sins. The Novel illustrates and highlights the relative importance of facing burdensome obstacles and achieving a state of godliness. Without pursuing these demons one may be faced with many ramifications which may sooner or later change their life forever.

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