King Solomon Essay

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King Solomon

As it says in the Bible, “the old and poor we will always have with us”. Just as King Solomon, the wisest Jewish king of all, stated: “There is nothing new under the sun”. So there you have it, even my article has probably been written a time or two throughout history. Poverty is more than just living in the projects on an inner city street. It’s a state of mind. Public housing at any given time of the morning or evening has a fleet of cars more exemplary than the richest neighborhoods strewn around them.

Through theology we learn it is a commandment of God, introduced by Jesus, his son, to rid ourselves of possessions and to follow him on his evangelical mission. We now study the super rich, the tax collector and others like him. He made his living by shaving a few taxes off to the side for himself. The Pharisees knew but didn’t care because they were getting a huge cut themselves.

Between the two (the poverty stricken and the rich) comes the man traveling down the middle of the road. He keeps the aristocrats happy through the wares he produces for them. At this time craftsmanship was at it best. The residuals that were made by the craftsman were soon given back to the aristocrats through taxation and the aristocrats were able to spend more on gaudy, gold Gods of worship which spoke of their decadent livelihood.

The farmer, who was also impoverished most of the time, was given a hand by the aristocrats who gave them the money up front in which to grow their produce. After having taken this kind of aide it soon. kept them in debt most of (if not all) their farming lives. I would recommend that we opt for a far less impoverished society so that the middle traveler can gather some momentum in his economical state of being. This would benefit both the rich and the impoverished.

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