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Killing Without Emotions Essay

Essay Topic:

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This human nature of ours makes us think or stops us in order to kill without emotions. When humans are hardwired to be empathetic and compassionate not to kill, it is hard to understand why there is so much killing in the world? How, with empathy and compassion, can people kill? They must override their emotions with stronger emotions of hate and notions of purpose based on their beliefs. In the following paragraphs will present few examples that will indicate why and how some people override their emotions with stronger emotions based on their purpose.

A common example of this is of a suicide bomber. So how these suicide bombers are formed or what is the psychology involved behind suicide bombing. . Often the suicide bombers arrested in Pakistan are usually teenagers and are from a poor background. They are usually kidnapped on their way to school or madraassa (religious school) and then brainwashed. Research and Today’s media reveals that suicide bombers using their religion as a shield justifies what they are doing are right.

During brainwashing they are kept isolated and given misleading information on the name of the religion. They are told by the corrupt religious leaders that killing of the non Muslims are justified according to their religion. In addition to this they are also told that dying in the name of their religion will earn them the rank of a martyred. They are also brainwashed that they will earn a high rank in the heavens and rivers of milk and honey and beautiful virgins await. (Yusufzai and Jamal). They are offered high price to get the job done.

They are assured that their family will live wealthy life after their job is done. Almost 90% of the suicide bombers are normal humans but, after knowing the position they can earn by dying in the name of their religion, change their emotions to kill hundreds of innocent humans. From this above example it can be concluded that they simple overcome their emotions with stronger emotions of earning high rank in Heavens by dying in the name of the religion, securing the lives of their family and obeying the orders of God.

Another type of the people who override their emotions to kill are the soldiers. Soldiers override their emotions for certain reasons that they learn during the training. During the training there are told that they are the protectors of the land. The lives of their families and their countrymen depend on them. Moreover, they are trained with the fact that what they are doing is right and justified and God is with them. The training for the soldiers keeps on the changing with time to time. The soldiers are given complete training/ practicing area. The soldiers are desensitized by making them shoot at human shaped paper targets, drill and then to moving targets and pop up targets look kind of human shape making their response automatic and focused”. (Dwyer). The training areas includes all kinds of difficult pathways, underground tunnels and sudden appearance of the human shaped targets which they have shoot at and take them down. They are also congratulated on their first kill which increases their confidence to override their emotions more easily “In addition to this there are addressed directly making them believe that they actually have to kill. (Robinson). “Often a times the present the enemies in way that does not even feel like a human; for instance they will call their enemies by those names that even don’t look familiar. Names like “gook” who knows what is gook? It does not sound like a human or a person. Half of the desensitizing and dehumanizing is made easier in presenting a person that does not even to our class or kind. In addition, saying that God is with us, we are fighting for the sake of our country and the people and God is proud of us.

A lot of killing is made easier in this for the soldiers presenting these as a reason. ” (Pomerantz) So, with this kind of training and lessons of patriotism being given to the soldiers makes it easier to override to their emotions. In the conclusion I would restate again that killing without emotions is really hard unless you have you don’t overcome your emotions. It takes a lot of nerve and heart to kill without emotions. Works cited Dwyer, Gwynne. “Soldiers trained to kill and post-traumatic psycho-babble. Thuppahi’s blog, 29 April 2011. Web. Web. 18 Feb. 2013. Yusufzai, Asfaq, and Amna Nasir Jamal. “Teenagers recruited, trained as suicide bombers. ” Central online Asia. N. p. , 11 04 2011. Web. 18 Feb 2013. Robinson, Steve. “The impact of killing and how to prepare the soldiers . ” Frontline. Frontline, 01 Mar 2001. Web. 18 Feb 2013. Pomerantz, Andrew. “The impact of killing and how to prepare the soldiers . ” Frontline. Frontline, 01 Mar 2001. Web. 18 Feb 2013.

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