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Kids These Days

There are a lot of things that I despise in the world today, and for many good reasons.

One of these things (or should I say person’s) is Justin Bieber. Oh where do I start! First of all, his voice is so high pitched, you wouldn’t to be able to tell the difference between him and a ten year old girl.

Secondly, going back to the ten year old girl, doesn’t he looks like one? If you said yes, you’re right! And if you said no, well I don’t agree with you.

And lastly, has anyone noticed that all of his songs are about women that don’t notice him? Yes, its true, a lot of women probably don’t like him either, just hormonally challenged ten to seventeen year old girls. Bieber is like a fad that will die out eventually like the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, and more. Another thing in the world that makes me cringe is top 40 music.

And, this one is simple, so I’ll ask you a question. What kind of radio station plays the same song 3 times an hour?

That’s right, top 40 music. See, many other radio stations play the same song twice a day. But top 40 stations actually make you think that there is a replay button somewhere! Neat, huh? No! What else don’t I like you say? How about professional wrestling? There are plenty of things that I really do not like about it. Now granted, when I was younger, the wrestling matches were more violent, with more tables, ladders, and chairs used.

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But, today you see a weapon come into play about 1/100 matches (if even that! ).

Then you have a man named John Cena, with a so-called “5 moves of doom”, where he usually pins someone after those moves. Granted, the guy sells out arenas… who are also Justin Bieber fans, but still, where did all the moves go? So there it is, just a small number of things that I really don’t like in the world today. I would tell you more, but I have to listen to “Baby” on Hot 99. 5, while watching a wrestling match, with John Cena in it. Did I meson I will probably have to jump off a building after this? (Of course I’m kidding! )

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