Kids Normal Life and Cell Phone

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Have you ever wondered what the world was without phones? Kids should not have cell phones. Never in someone’s life until 1992 was the first phone invented. Now in everyone’s life, there is a phone or something on a screen.“As teachers debate appropriate public health messages kids are receiving their first cell phone at ever younger ages. The average is 10, according to one recent estimate. They spend more and more time on their devices.” This quote is from Jean Twenge.

A lot of people in this world devise to take our kids away and never get to spend time with them. They will just stay in their rooms and play on their phones or any type of game.

Another reason why kids shouldn’t have cellphones is about how kids don’t get enough education because of screens. The screens take kids into another world. They don’t get enough sleep at all. That affects their learning. “Another area of the brain of the prefrontal cortex is critical for focus and interrupting human emotions and doesn’t fully develop until the person’s mid-20s.

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”This quote is from Jean Twenge.Every parent just wants our kids to live a normal life without electronics. People want their kids to stop playing on phones and go outside and play. Some kids in the world never had phones and now they always want one because they want to be cool and want a phone.

Some people think kids are allowed to have phones at the age of 6.

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They might lose it but at least they can call or text us if something happens. People think phones are bad for kids and some people don’t think so. From how people are these days taking children from the streets and if they have a phone they can call or text parents. “The movement is not without controversy, however, with critics claiming it is dangerous and unnecessarily puts kids in risky situations in which they could be hurt or abducted”. This quote is from Frances Jenes. Kids should be allowed to have cellphones because if they are out on a walk and someone takes them they can contact someone. Kids having phones will be distracting but in the end, it’s worth it. This shows that kids are allowed to have phones. A lot of people disagree that kids aren’t allowed to have phones at a young age. A lot of people very disagree with that but I think it’s fine.

Kids at the age of 6 are way too young for phones. There are still old people who have flip phones . 6 years old is too young because they could drop it and break it, put it in their mouth and get sick. Did you know that phone screens have more bacteria than a toilet seat.”The act of harassing a person through the use of the Internet and related technologies. Bullying took on a new meaning with the increased use of communications technologies such as the Internet and cell phones. Intimidation that transpired via these technologies was dubbed cyberbullying and was most commonly experienced by young people. Cyberbullying is especially prevalent on social networking websites.” That quote is from Caffrey, Cait.

As you read in the past paragraphs, cell phones are bad for young kids. Older kids would be allowed to have a phone because they are more responsible than younger kids. They are a big distraction for younger kids. They will stay up all night and at school, they don’t get enough sleep so they sleep in class. They could be effective to the brain and won’t have enough Vitamin D. These points are valid because they state why kids shouldn’t have phones at certain ages.

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