Kidney Essay Topics

Why kids kill?

The phrase “children who kill” evokes a variety of different images – the eightand nine-year-olds who threw a six-year-old off the roof of their tenement, the Oregon and Colorado teenagers who killed fellow classmates after months of careful planning, the teenage girl who kills her newborn in a frantic effort to hide her pregnancy, the… View Article

Kidney Failure

1) Mrs. Jones’s kidneys are in shock from the surgery. They are producing very little urine because the kidneys are unable to clean the creatinine and urea from the blood. These are the waste products of the body. The kidneys also balance water, salt and minerals in the body so when there is little urine… View Article

Illegal Organ Trade

While it is most commonly believed that trafficking only takes places for commercial sexual exploitation or for forced labor, trafficking in fact takes many forms such as trafficking for organ trade among others. In most of the world, laws specifically ban the sale of organs but due to a high demand for organs and with… View Article

Fantastic Voyage

Today on our fantastic voyage we are going to be taken through the digestive system of a male, age 55 and we will be following what happens to a hamburger, fries and a refreshing glass of root beer, as its enters his body and begins the process of digestion. After that we will then follow… View Article

Kidney Disease

Not everyone with diabetes develops kidney disease. Factors that can influence kidney disease development include genetics, blood sugar control, and blood pressure. The better a person keeps diabetes and blood pressure under control, the lower the chance of getting kidney disease. What are the symptoms? The kidneys work hard to make up for the failing… View Article

Urinary Retention

This assignment will focus on an account of patient care that I have provided to a patient who was unable to excrete urine during a long day shift in a secondary care setting. It will discuss regarding my contribution to a change in care while assessing the patient. The assessment will be evaluated to help… View Article

National Kidney Foundation

Today November 16, 2012, I had an interview with Pier Merone who is the division president in southern California and Nevada of the National Kidney Foundation. We discussed a variety of issues regarding problems, solutions, and awareness of the lack of organ donors and kidney diseases in California. One of the problems that we addressed… View Article

Development of Anna Fitzgerald Character

Adolescence development relies upon many factors. In order to accurately examine its growth, it is useful to look at some developmental theories. Anna Fitzgerald is thirteen years old; however, she is not like any other teenager with some ordinary problems. Anna was born for a specific purpose she was born to save her sister’s life… View Article

Assigning Evaluation and Management

Individual Assigning Evaluation and Management (E/M) Codes 1. Initial consultation for a 78-year-old woman with unexplained weight loss, abdominal pain, and rectal bleeding. Comprehensive history and examination performed. 99205 This history and examination were comprehensive and dealt with several body systems, so 99205 is the better E/M code to use. 2. 30-year-old patient presents complaining… View Article

Sale of Human Organ

Surprisingly, nearly 10 percent of 10,000 English patients, who are on the waiting list for organs transplant, dies each year before they obtain an organ (Bates, 2011). While this number tends to rocket in not only England but also worldwide range, almost all the government still keep passing numerous policies to restrict the supply of… View Article

The Importance of Christmas

I. Summary: Vilma plays Seth, a woman who runs a boarding house in a middle-class community in the city. Her father, Odong (Robert Arevalo), is successfully treated for his post-stroke condition by a faith healer named Elsa (Daria Ramirez). Because of this, 5 of Seth’s friends (and neighbors) convince her to bring them to Elsa… View Article

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)

Procedure Until recently it was not uncommon for patients admitted to an acute care facility to have an indwelling catheter anchored for unnecessary reasons. Patients that came in thru the emergency department typically were sent to the units with unnecessary indwelling catheters in place and it was not unusual for a surgery patient to have… View Article

The Diagnosis Of The Diabetes

Assess the difficulties involved in the diagnosis of the diabetes type 2 M1: Assess possible difficulties involved in the diagnosis of the disorders from their signs and symptoms. There can be difficulties when diagnosing disorders because many signs and symptoms are similar to other disorder which is why doctors have to be thorough when making… View Article

Diagnosis and treatment of male genitourinary

1. What is a physician that specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of male genitourinary conditions called? Urologist 2. What disease causes the kidneys to overcompensate by straining within the remaining nephrons? Chronic Renal Failure 3. What are most kidney stones composed of? calcium-containing crystals 4. What are three types of bladder stones? Calcium, Uric… View Article

Urinary Incontinence and Employee Health Nurse

​A nurse is caring for a client with a spinal cord injury. What are possible causes of autonomic dysreflexia that the nurse should monitor for? distended bladder (most common), fecal impaction, cold stress or drafts on lower part of body, tight clothing, undiagnosed injury or illness. A nurse is caring for a client who has… View Article

Urinalysis Case Studies

Patient Background: Mickey River is a 27 years old female Native American. Her chief complaint is fatigue and malaise. She states she is “tired and hungry and thirsty all of the time” no matter how much she eats or drinks. She has significantly increased her food intake, but has lost 10 pounds in the last… View Article

Diagnostic Urinalysis Lab

Introduction/Background Today’s lab exercise is about diagnostic Urinalysis. Urine reflects the many chemical components found in blood. This test is a good measure of health of endocrine system, kidneys, and urinary tract. Artificial urine samples are used for today’s lab thank goodness. The test that this lab is mostly focused on is called “dipstick” urinalysis… View Article

Human Pathophysiology

A 45-year-old grocery sales clerk has been suffering from bouts of severe pain in his left flank region. He blamed it on prolonged standing for 8 hours straight while working. He was taking over-the-counter pain medications for his pain. One day, he found fresh blood in his urine. He went to a doctor who performed… View Article

Pathophysiology Case Study

Patient Case Question 1: For which condition is this patient likely taking nifedipine? Nifedipine is a calcium channel blocker used to treat high blood pressure and chest pain. Patient’s past medical history indicates that he has had hypertension “for years,” the patient is most likely taking Nifedipine to manage this condition. May also be taking… View Article

Osmoregulation in Fish

Osmosis in the movement of water molecules through a selectively permeable membrane. It occurs from a region of high water concentration to a region of low water concentration. The control of water balance in animals is known as osmoregulation. Osmoregulation is a homeostatic mechanism. The body fluids of a salt water fish are hypotonic (higher… View Article

Processes involved in the human kidney

-Blood enters each kidney via renal artery and leaves each kidney via renal vein -Urine exists the kidney through a duct called the ureter and the uruters of both kidneys drain into a common urinary bladder -Kidney consists of outer renal cortex and inner renal medulla -Nephron is functional unit of vertebrate kidney -Consists of… View Article

Genzyme/Geltex Pharmaceuticals Joint Venture

Early in 1997, Genzyme Corporation began negotiations with Geltex Pharmaceuticals in an attempt to launch a joint venture to market Geltex’s first product, RenaGel. Geltex was a young biotech research company with only two products in its pipeline, and they didn’t have the resources necessary to launch RenaGel on their own. Genzyme, on the other… View Article

Organ Donor Persuasive

Organ donation is such a simple and selfless action one takes to save the lives of others. The pros of declaring oneself as a donor far outweigh the cons, for nearly 90% of Americans claim to support donation. Only 30%, however, know how to or actually become donors, according to Donate Life America; so, what… View Article

Fetal Pig Dissection

1. How do the locations of the endocrine organs in the fetal pig compare with those in the human? The pigs pancreas is above the kidneys and adrenal gland in the pig. The thymus covers the thyroid in the pig. For the humans though, they have thymus above the thyroid. 2. Name the two endocrine… View Article

Matters of Life and Death

In a new book, A Miracle and a Privilege, Dr Francis Moore, 81, of Harvard Medical School, discusses a lifetime of grappling with the issue of when to help a patient die. An excerpt: Doctors of our generation are not newcomer to this question. Going back to my internship days, I can remember many patients… View Article

Assignment: Assigning Evaluation and Management

Initial consultation is performed for a 78-year-old woman with unexplained weight loss, abdominal pain, and rectal bleeding. A comprehensive history and examination is performed. 99205- The patient is a new patient who needs a comprehensive amount of data. The patient has unexplained symptoms, so it is very important to get the history in order to… View Article

Kidney Stones, is there a solution?

Introduction Kidney stones are a painful and dangerous urinary disorder that could cause severe cramping, block flow of urine, and sometimes cause a fever that “about 5 % of American women and 12 % of men suffer from at some point in their lives” (Kidney Stone Disease). “Most small stones measuring less than 5mm or… View Article

Analysis of Macromolecules in Tissue

The homogenates provided were made by homogenizing tissues in a sucrose phosphate buffer in a 1:20 ratio. The protein concentration in bovine cells was measured by diluting the homogenate with a 1:5 ratio; 50 microliters of homogenate and 200 microliters of water. Then 5 known protein concentration samples which were 0.4, 0.8, 1.2, 1.6, 2.0… View Article

Summary of Organ Sales Will Save Lives

In the essay “Organ Sales Will Save Lives” by Joanna MacKay, kidney failure is the main topic. In her thesis, MacKay states that, “Governments should not ban the sale of human organs; they should regulate it (92).” The thesis is supported by one main reason: it will save lives. In America 350,000 people struggle each… View Article

The Back Story about Underhills

What happened? Main Characters Roma and Clint Underhill own a succesful real estate company in Desert Palms After a long day they went in their hot tub with some wine It was a 60 degree night Clint had taken some medication prior to going into the hot tub The Back Story Part One Questions 1.)… View Article