KGV better then than now? Essay

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KGV better then than now?

1) What can we learn from Source A about behaviour and discipline in KGV school in the 1950s? We can learn from source A that some students were rude to members of staff and to prefects and were punished for it. We can also learn that detention is given just because they talk while doing schoolwork. And some other students were very naughty which liked to play around and act in a silly way, as a result, they were needed to write down the school rules three times for punishment. The discipline was much stricter then now as we can see that before they get detentions for talking to each other while working during class time, but now we just get warned by the teacher in a nicer way. 2) Compare and contrast sources B and C. Using the sources and your own knowledge write down 5 important changes to KGV school building and its surroundings between the 1950s and today. One of the most important changes is the Link Block.

It is completed at 1984 which is much later than the Peel Block, and it is now a very important block and used for most of the lessons as it has the most rooms and includes five levels. A small hill was also flattened in order to build the Link Block and the other buildings near that area. Another important change is Sarah Roe School (JCSRS) / Senior Student Centre. It is completed at 1996 and was very useful to Senior students in KGV as they could have more space and more privacy, a canteen was also built there so they could buy their lunch and the canteens would not be so squashy during break and lunchtimes. Senior students could also work there and there are more spaces for Middle School students and Senior students to learn. Sarah Roe School was also very useful as it helped many students across ESF with special needs and they were being well educated over there. Tennis courts were built on the roof of SSC, these replaced the tennis courts which were previously on the ground floor before this building was erected. Jockey Club Sarah Roe Centre is also an important building, which was completed at 1986.

The SRC was first founded by Mrs. Sarah Roe and she was an occupational therapist. Over the years, this building had been used for many different purposes including housing the offices of ESF Educational Services Ltd, Sally’s Place (ESF’s Self-Access Language Learning Centre). The first floor was also used as the PTSA Shop, which provides students with uniform, PE kit, stationary and mathematical instruments. Some of the six rooms in the third floor is used as classrooms, mainly for Senior students. The Swimming Pool had a very big impact on us students which came to KGV much later. Once it is completed at 1979, students started training their swimming skills over there. This was built later because of the technology and people’s point of view.

Before KGV used to be a bit more focused on athletics, but slowly, people became more open-minded and understood that swimming is also a very important sport and will help in different areas of development of the students in sport. It plays host to a variety of activities hosted by the academic departments as well as extra-curricular activities, such as D-Day emulations by the history department and re-enactments of the Red Sea Crossing by the Religious Studies (RS) department. The last important building is the Activities Centre, which is completed at 1983. The Activities Centre includes two squash courts, two Drama Studios, the Drama Department Office and one of the two boys’ and girls’ P.E. changing rooms.

This building mainly provides the students with more space and a better environment to learn drama. Drama was already founded as a subject for KGV School in the early days, and as extension to this subject, Drama Studios were built to provide a better place for students to learn drama as it is different to the other normal classrooms and it has black curtains in the room and this helps students to concentrate more on their development of their drama skills. 3) “KGV school was better in the 1950s than it is today!!” Using the sources and your own knowledge, explain whether you agree with this statement or not.


I strongly disagree that KGV was better before, because we have technology and different facilities nowadays. Things that are better now

Nowadays, we have a lot of new-built facilities provided to us students for a better learning environment. All students in KGV now have their own laptops, and they could also access their schoolwork at home and makes it easier for teachers. As the Year 13 student said “I use my laptop a lot these days and I find it useful to take notes and research with it” in Source D, we could proof that laptops brings us a lot of convenience. In Source D we could also see that discipline was not as strict as it is from before (referred to hard punishments in Source A) as the Year 13 said “The discipline is not too strict and I have never had a Friday detention!” We could see from Source A that students used to have corporal punishments due to disrespectfulness and corporal punishments nowadays are illegal. In Source D the Year 13 student says “I am managing my work in the last year of the IB Diploma” which gives us an idea that IB Diploma is easier compared to A Levels that students take before.

When we compare the picture of Source C to the one of Source B, we could see there are a lot of changes throughout all these years, such as the New Block which included DT rooms, Science Laboratories and the Sick Room; the Annex Block used to be used for teaching Chinese and Spanish, but now it is under construction for the new science block; the Activities Centre includes squash courts and Drama Studios; the Link Block is used for large variety of different subjects and activities; the SRC mainly incudes the PTSA shop and six classrooms; the SSC is mainly provided to Senior students to do their activities; the B-block used to be temporary classrooms, but now it is mainly used to teach Modern Languages; the Swimming Pool is 23-metres and has six lanes.

Things that were better then

Before, it is a small school with only 900 students which everyone knew each other really well and it is like a big family. Students in the past tend to have much better concentration than they do now; this is mainly because the social network and computer games we have now. Students had to take notes in their notebooks; this actually benefits the learning of students because this way they could revise their notes more effectively as it is in hard copy. Referred to Source A, discipline was really strict before but this is all for their own good to train them so they could have great discipline when they grow up and work in the community. There was less subjects before which makes it easier for students to concentrate on few particular subjects and achieve great grades in it.

When small amount students are being educated in a smaller school, they actually get a lot of space for their activities. KGV used to be very strict to the rule that girls must have their dress under their knees; this is benefit to girls as they are already ladies. There also used to be a rule of separating gender for staffs which is a great thing back in those days because female staff can gather together and male staff can do their own business. We could see that it is a much smaller school in Source B and there used to be fresh air and clean environment as cars weren’t that popular in those days and there were a lot of hills and mountains near the school but had been flattened to build building nowadays.


Although KGV school before had a great natural environment and a little small school with interesting clubs, I still think that KGV is better nowadays. People became more open-minded and girls and boys could have the same equal opportunity to enjoy the learning together. I also strongly disagree to use corporal punishments as it doesn’t help much for teaching the students to be good. Nowadays we have a nice Swimming Pool and a bigger school with much better technology used in teaching and learning.

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