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Key Terms

ACEs – an entry in an objects acl that grants permissions toa user or group ACL – A collection of access control entries that defines the access that all users and groups have to an object ATA – A disk interface that uses parallel communications to connect multiple hard drives to a computer Authorization – The process of making sure someone is who they say they are Basic Disk – The default disk type, it can have up to four partitions, three primary and one extended Direct-attached Storage – a computer whith hard drives stored in it Disk Duplexing – Method of fault tolerance, duplicate data is stored on two disks in seperate host adapters Disk Mirroring – Method of fault tolerance, duplicate data is stored on two seperate disks DiskPart. exe – Command line method to do all your disk related deeds

Dynamic Disk – Alternative to basic disk, able to have an unlimited number of volumes Effective permissions – A combination of all the permissions from various sources External Drive Array – Hard disks attached to a computer through a network medium File System – A part of the OS for storing and organizing files Folder redirection – A useful feature that lets users save thier files to a network location LUNs – An identifier assigned to a specific component within a SCSI device which enables the SCSI host adapter to send commands to that component.

NAS – A dedicated file server that is connected to a network and provides users with file based storage Offline Files – Lets people keep copies of files on their machines so that if the server goes down they can still work Partition Style – The ways disks are organized in windows RAID – Multiple disks working together as pals to do great things such as fault tolerance or increases to read/write speeds SID – Every active directory object gets one of these, kinda like a social security number

Security Principal – Whoever is an administrator assigns permissions to SATA – Newer version of ATA that users serial communications Shadow Copies – Makes copies of a file that users can use to restore to vaious times SCSI – Lets computers transfer data to multiple storage devices Standard Permissions – The common special permissions SAN – A dedicated high speed network wevice that connects storage devices to servers.

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