Key pieces of legislations promotion Essay

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Key pieces of legislations promotion

Places a duty for schools to produce a Disability Equality Scheme (DES) and an Access Plan. Schools must encourage participation in all aspects of school life and eliminate harassment and unlawful discrimination

Race Relations
(Amendment) Act 2000 Ensure to develop the good relationship between organizations and people. Human Rights Act 1998 Set out the rights of the individuals and guide them how to take action against the authorities if these rights are effected Special Educational

Needs and Disability
Act 2001 Makes it unlawful for educational providers to discriminate against pupils with a special educational need or a disability
Children Act 1989 Sets out the duty of local authorities (including schools) to provide services according to the needs of children and to ensure their safety and welfare Education Act 1996 Sets out the school’s responsibilities towards children with special educational needs. The Act also requires schools to provide additional resources, equipment and / or additional support to meet their needs

Children Act 2004 Sets out the duty to provide effective and accessible services for all children and underpins the Every Child Matters outcomes
Equality Act 2010 Sets out the legal responsibilities of public bodies, including schools, to provide equality of opportunity for all citizens. This brings together nine equality laws Table B: Code of Practice about promotion of equality and valuing of diversity Code of Practice Purposes The special educational needs code of practice 2001 This code outlines the statutory guidance for policy and the procedures and responsibilities

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