DACA accepts “Dreamers”, as they are often referred to, on a selective eligibility-based basis. Applicants and/or current individuals must undergo a qualifying and renewal process to recee and maintain their status in the United States under restrictive guidelines put in place by DHS Department of Homeland Security. It is an implemented immigration law and policy saturated with government guidelines who is controlled and dictated by executive political power who in turn determines who qualifies for allocated resources. It is also posing an underlying threat for undocumented immigrants in a biased selective service system to either enlist themselves in some form of military service or college as a reproach to expedite their deportation if they neglect either of these options.

Immigration for this policy favors economic cost effectiveness in terms of immigrants being more beneficial for economist and Americans, “(Chao & Yu 2002) …the beneficial result of immigration to the host country relies on the assumption of perfect competition in the goods market”.

DACA is a selective-based process because illegal aliens who, as children, came to the United States as deported individuals were not eligible for American privileges and rights unless they were basically “grandfathered in” to their citizenship to receive the benefits.

Lower costs, economy-wide, were also found ranging from cheaper groceries, to less expensive childcare, and increased employment rates rationalizing that immigrants are not only workers but consumers as well. The underlying assumptions as to how DACA money and services are allocated are reflective of “(Fathali, Heather 2013)…the development of prosecutorial discretion, the role of judicial review over agency decision-making, and the history and the application of prosecutorial discretion in immigration law.

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DACA amnesty program was announced by presidential decree, DHS has told Congress that no funds are being taken from other sections of the agency to pay for DACA. They claimed the young adult-applicants are being charged fully and fairly for this service, however, details were always sparse and never consistent. As President Trump stated in an article about the DACA Program…we want those coming into the country to be able to support themselves financially… (Lillis, Bernal, and Savransky, 2017). Application cost and processing fees must be properly based on the actual costs to the Government and the value of the service provided. Although this law and guidance are not strict, hitting lawful applicants with inflated costs does much to render them meaningless.


In conclusion, DACA is a single-standing policy mandated by our US government system to place barriers on allowing illegal aliens partial or full equal rights into our Americanized access to financial gains/stability, jobs, education, housing, and other social rights and privileges. It removes and places limitations on the humanistic factors and living considerations sending a message to immigrants that just because you are not a part of our westernized culture and political systems that you cannot operate in the means and dynamics of our American culture. Nevertheless, in true political greed fashion if congress is not able to market or receive economic gain from deported individuals in America they will place citizenship laws and policies reprimanding their amended rights and “flexing” their political muscles to fuel their legislative power over those who are a part of the minority population. This biased program not only indirectly attempts to exempt immigrants from maintaining and obtaining US citizenship and various services but also reduce those whose applications have been deemed acceptable to live impoverished and non-beneficial American lifestyle.

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