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Key Differences Between Nature And Nurture Theories Psychology Essay

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I will be looking at the effects of Eminem’s life and relating it to nature or nurture. This debate has been around a long time. Gesell developed the maturation theory which is based on the nature side of the debate he believed that development was a result of maturation for example; learning to walk and puberty.

Nature refers to the characteristics we have due to our genetics and what biological traits we inherit. Physical similarities are usually inherited from your parents such as eye color and pigment of skin.

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This is due to nature. Certain illnesses can also be linked to nature such as breast cancer, this can be linked to family members. This will decrease the life expectancy of the person. It can also be said that we inherit our intellect for example, how intelligent and smart we are. It is said that if our parents are intelligent individuals we may too have the potential to be intelligent as this has been passed down in our genes. It is also the same as having a low IQ. We can also inherit personality traits due to nature, this can be either a calm and shy personality or an angry and violent one. It is thought that a child who has anger management issues or issues with violence may not always be acting as a result of growing up in that environment, this could be inherited through their genes passed down from one or both parents.

Nurture refers to the environment that a person has grown up in. this is strongly linked to seeing your parents or other family members acting a certain way and copying it. It is said that children behave in a particular way as they have witnessed this going on around them. An example of this would be if they had grown up in violence they may learn this type of behavior and act upon it. They may not have grown up in a violent home but they may surround themselves with friends or a particular environment where violence is accepted and modeled.

Maturation theory
The maturation theory was first introduced by American Professor Dr. Arnold Gesell, the maturation theory refers to the physical and the mental growth of individuals, this growth is determined by Biology, genes, and the environment. Gesell declared that all children go through the same stages of development in the same sequence but each child will move through these stages at their own rate. Gesell believed that a child’s growth and development are influenced by both the environment that surrounds them and the person genes. He largely focused on the child’s physiological development. He called this process maturation which was mainly made up of and controlled by genes. According to Gesell, the rate that children develop is down to the growth of the child’s nervous system. As the nervous system grows, their minds develop and their behavior will change.

Biological programming
Biological programming is your genetics. Genes provide the instructions for structuring amino acids. Our body shape, size, behavior all depend on the interaction

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