Kenya on Education Essay

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Kenya on Education

Many countries are faced with poverty in this lifetime. Some are more deprived than others. Kenya, a third world country is one of the most deprived areas in the world. The contributions to this issue are: poor education, lack of nutritional foods, high unemployment rates, and insufficient medical needs. Kenya has a very poor education system that are has affected so many young children in the Kenya school district. Many of the children in Kenya should are in primary and secondary schools which should are be funded by the government education free program.

The misuse of education is preventing so many children from attention school. Many of these children are very fortunate that their parent can afford to send them to a private school to get best a better education. Many parents are arguing that they believe sending their children to a private school would give themn m better opportunities to their education. The pupil in Kenya reported that most of the private school ss are doing as well as they should and the secondary school s are doing much better.

than the TAccord to the center of evaluation for global action stated that the primary and secondary education has poor learning environment, shortage of learning materials ,and teachers due to unemployment,. congestion in classrooms has led to the poor performance. The article also argues that Private schools have all that they need, sufficient learning materials, adequate staff, provision of a good learning environment hence the better results for these school children.

The{CEGA}also argues that the usually in Kenya, private primary schools perform far way better than government schools schools ,while in the contrary government secondary schools perform better as compared to the private schools. The article also stated that many of the primary and secondary school s that which are funded by the government are lack of insufficient learning materials such as school libraries, text books, chalks, exercise books , and access to computers which is a key facility since the current world is technology oriented.

The school children in Kenya are omitted out of their education, because of the government misuses of donations that whiuch was given toward the childrens education school program, so they can have a brighter and better further future in the world that their theiry are living in. The pundits also argue that the government should not favor pupils from government schools, but to provide a better environment to allow the complete favorably with their counterparts from private schools. The (CEGA) argue that the government had not been employing any teachers for a while since the misuse of school funds.

The revenue that that was also collected is was either pocketed by a few or used in political campaigns. This is what the children in Kenya is facing when it comes their education, because most of the citizens in Kenya really do not care if they get an education at all. Also Also sSsome of the private colleges and higher learning institutions were declared illegal and offered substandard education. Pundits all argue that education has been commercialized in Kenya due to the number of new institutions coming up in every building and street in the capital city. It asks the question who is going to registered all these schools?

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