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Kellog’s Case Essay

Generally speaking, one can say a premium brand is a brand of excellent quality and value. Futhermore, a premium brand is a brand that has a particular value to a market because of the design, inventiveness and quality that it provides. In addition to this, a successful brand name will encourage loyalty amongst consumers who will be more likely to buy the product on a regular basis. So a brand is considered to be premium only when the customers believe the brand is worth the price one is paying for it.

In other words, the vendor is able to charge more for a product even if the competition provides a similar product or service at a lower price. Regarding Kellog‘s, one can say it is a premium brand not only because of its wide range of products and 42% of the market share of the value ot the UK‘s cereal market but also because the consumers are con? dent that they receive a high quality product when they buy a Kellog‘s merchandise Question 2: Describe the difference between an aim and an objective. Before differentiating between an aim and an objective on should ?

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rst de? ne the speci? c meaning of these two words in the management context. An aim is a goal. It is something a company wants to achieve. Moreover, it helps people to understand the beliefs and principles of that business An objective is a more precise statement of the goal. It is designed to contribute to a speci? c aim. Therfore, it has to be speci? c, measurable and realistic. To make it more clear one can take Kellog‘s as an example. Their aim was was to clarify the importance of a balanced lifestyle to the consumers.

To achieve this aim Kellog‘s set several objectives, such as increasing the association between Kellog‘s and sports or even encouring and supporting physical activities. Question 3: Outline the purpose of Kellog‘s work with the ASA. The reason why Kellog‘s chose to work with the Amateur Swimming Association can be deduced when one looks at the aims of Kellog‘s and of the ASA. As explained in question 2 Kellog‘s wants to reinforce the importance of a balanced lifestyle so its consumers understand how a balanced diet and excercise can improve their lives.

ASA‘s aim is to give more people, more opportunities to swim for health and fun. Because of the correlation of these two aims of these two companies it makes sense to work together in order to use synergies to achieve their common goals and objectives. Whereas Kellog‘s acts as a sponsor, ASA makes sure the swimmers receive the best possble support and the funds reach the proper institutions and people. Moreover, working with ASA assisted Kellog‘s to get in contact with several other companies and partners, such as Sustrans. Furthermore, Kellog‘s reinforces its brand positioning by working with ASA.

Because of its corporate responsibility Kellog‘s is perceived much more positively by its customers which automatically leads to a higher loyalty and a better business reputation, which eventually can lead to higher sales and revenues. Question 4: Using examples to support your dialogue, evaluate how Kellog communicates and discuss how this enables it to position its brand. Kellog‘s uses two ways to communicate. The internal and the external way. In order for a strategy to be adopted successfully, a company‘s internal and external communication has to be correlated.

First of all Kellog‘s uses internal communication, which is done within its organisation. The goal of trying to clarify the importance of a balanced lifestyle to the consumers is also done within the company. By dispersing a house magazine to its employees, about the importance of a balanced lifestyle, it also wants to highlights the importance of its goal not only to its customers but also to its staff. Furthermore, the Kellog‘s personnel is provided with a pedometer to encourage its employees to live a healthier lifestyle. To summarize this, Kellog‘s wants its staff to understand its business objectives and also be able to relate to them.

Secondly, Kellog‘s uses several external communication methods in order to strengthen its brand positioning. It uses several elements of the marketing-mix to communicate with its customers. First of all, it uses a huge variety of media to reach its consumers, such as the press, radio, television and internet. Moreover, the packaging of Kellogg’s products is also a key element of the marketing mix. Kellogs‘ packaging provides the assurances of quality and nutrition that come with its name and also appeal to the end user, mostly children.

One example is the use of the cartoon characters of Jack & Aimee the tries to show the importance of exercise and a balanced lifestyle. So to summarize, one can say Kellog‘s wants to position its brand as a healthy, family-oriented, high quality product that puts an emphasis on a healthy and balanced lifestyle. This is done by communicating the need of physical activity by working with partners that emphasize sports and also by advertising the need of sports through their own channels such as packaging and advertisement.

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