Kellin Quinn Essay

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Kellin Quinn

I. Introduction

“ I can’t promise that things won’t be broken, but I swear that I will never leave.” -Kellin Quinn. Isn’t that what everyone really wants- what everyone really needs? Not always is a solution to a problem needed. Sometimes we just need someone to help us through our tough times and to help us learn from mistakes that have been made. Kellin Quinn understands this. Not only does he relate to the need to help friends, but Kellin relates to almost all the struggles most teens and, well, pretty much all ages witness. It shows in his music. You see, Kellin Quinn is the singer and pianist of the band Sleeping With Sirens. Their music is about coming from a broken family and how much it hurts because you feel responsible. Difficulties ranging from self-harm to bullying to love are heard in the meaningful lyrics of their songs. Not only do Kellin and the band write about that, but also they have songs that are inspirational, joyful, and that make you want to smile and appreciate the good in life.

II. Caring

Kellin is more than just a musical genius; he is one who cares about people as individuals. For example, Marie Fowler was a nineteen year old cancer patient that was diagnosed with only 72 hours to live. Kellin Quinn, her idol, was notified on Twitter and he Skyped her. He told her to be strong and to savor and appreciate the life she has enjoyed. On top of that, Kellin has dedicated his life to music and to make his fans feel better and blissful. He has definitely made my life easier and made me cope well with tragedies. I’m so thankful that I have Sleeping With Sirens in my life.

III. Kellin’s Struggles

Kellin Quinn’s father left him and his mother when he was young and they had to work hard to pay the bills and to take care of themselves. Kellin was diagnosed with depression and mental disorders because of his difficulties. With a great deal of effort and persistence, he overcame these challenges and is now helping others do the same. Also, Kellin has “haters” who call him rude and selfish when actually he is the exact opposite. Other negative comments made about him are that he is “too punk” or that he “sounds like a girl.” He mostly just ignores the disapproval. Overall, Kellin is a talented and inspirational 26 year old.

IV. Impact

Kellin Quinn and the band have made my life so much better. I, like many others, have struggled with bullying and many other difficulties. Meaningful music makes these things easier to cope with and Sleeping With Sirens does an amazing job at portraying a message in their lyrics that their fans can relate to. The band has actually saved countless lives. Some teenagers have depression or are struggling in life and feel the need to commit suicide to end his or her pain. In Sleeping With Sirens’ songs, one may notice how the lyrics are meant to make the listener happy and some songs are even specifically written to help self-harmers. “One day you’ll open your eyes, take a look inside. I just saved your life. Just take a look inside. I hope you know what it’s like for you to be alright. I am for you.” –In Case of Emergency, Dial 411, Sleeping With Sirens.

V. Conclusion

Overall, Kellin Quinn is an amazing artist who writes and sings about relatable tragedies and moments in his and others’ lives. He is an inspiration to many teenagers, including myself. I will never forget the impact that Kellin as a person and Sleeping With Sirens have had on my life.

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