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Keeping Up With the Jones’s Essay

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 4 (872 words)
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Part I:

What two parameters are responsible for creating the movement (filtration and reabsorption) of fluid across the capillary wall? The hydrostatic pressure/blood pressure and osmotic pressure/water pressure. Find a diagram of a capillary – copy/paste and cite the source. Under normal circumstances, what components of the blood cross the capillary wall? Blood cells can’t travel but interstitial fluid can and other small solutes. Cytokines, like histamine and leukotrienes, are secreted by damaged cells in Dave’s ankle.

How do these cytokines cause inflammation? E-selectin are induced by cytokines from injured cells and they function like P-selectin. How does the application of ice to the ankle affect blood flow through the capillaries? It constricts the capillaries and decreases swelling and blood flow! How does the removal of ice from the ankle affect blood flow through the capillaries and the cytokines? The blood flow increases because it helps return the blood flow to normal. How does compression, which is provided by an elastic (Ace) bandage wrapped around the damaged ankle, decrease inflammation? It physically constricts the blood vessels which reduces pain and swelling.

How does elevation of the damaged ankle decrease inflammation? It increases blood flow back to the heart which is important when it comes to swelling.

Part II:

What problems are there in Suzie’s life, and does she exhibit any peculiar signs and symptoms? She feels neglected by her mom. She felt faint and weak!!! And skips breakfast. She doesn’t seem to get attention nor seem happy. Why did Suzie pass out when she stood up?

She had an inadequate amount of oxygen and blood flow.
Why did Suzie’s mother place Suzie’s feet on a chair? To increase blood circulation to the brain. Why did Suzie feel as if she had no energy at the doctor’s office? She hadn’t eaten breakfast.
Make an initial speculation about Suzie’s condition at this time. Assuming that your speculation is true, what do you think the doctor will find in the results of Suzie’s physical examination? She probably is malnourished and has health complications because of it like low blood pressure and drastic weight loss.

Part III:

What new signs and symptoms does Suzie exhibit that would concern you if you were the doctor? She has low nutrient levels!!!! And is extremely malnourished and looks unhealthy too. Do you wish to make any further speculation about Suzie’s condition at this time? Assuming that your speculation is true, what do you think the doctor will find in the results of Suzie’s physical examination? She definitely has an eating disorder, and her lack of nutrients will affect her health…

Part IV:

Is Suzie’s weight reasonable for her height?
Calculate the stroke volume of Suzie’s heart, and compare it to that of a normal individual. Her low calcium intake causes weaker heart contractions and that makes her stroke volume way lower than it should be. Why do you think her blood pressure is lower than normal? Does low blood pressure explain any of Suzie’s signs and symptoms that you may have noticed? She has low blood pressure because she is lacking a lot of nutrients, which explains a lot! Why is Suzie’s hematocrit low, and why are her red blood cells pale and immature? She is very unhealthy and dehydrated with super low level nutrients. There is no way she can be healthy living like this. Compared with a normal, healthy person predict the level of the following in Suzie’s blood (higher, same, lower): sodium, potassium, calcium, glucose, iron, and protein. Abnormally low for allL! Do you wish to make any further speculation about Suzie’s condition at this time? I think she has an exercise addiction and eating disorder!

Part V:

Assuming that the ion levels in the blood plasma are similar to those in the interstitial fluid, what is the effect of low potassium levels on the membrane potential of Suzie’s nerve and muscles? It can cause them to become weak in their contractions andlowlevels are lowering her nerve abilities as well. Does this explain Suzie’s slow heart rate and ectopic beats? yes because she has low potassium levels

How does low plasma calcium level account for her decreased stroke volume? they cause weaker heart contractions
What is the role of blood proteins in the movement of fluid between the blood and the interstititial space? they can’t pass the capillary walls and water is pulled out and fills up interstitial space which causes edema What would be the effect of low blood protein levels on the colloidal pressure?

How do low plasma protein levels produce edema?
they lower colloid pressure and proteins can’t pass the walls and water is pulled out and fills up interstitial space which causes edema.

Part VI:
What conditions make Suzie a candidate for anorexia? Her bones stick out, she feels weak, and she has had a loss of her period. Do you think the doctor’s treatment is appropriate, or would you have admitted her into hospital? I would have admitted her into a hospital because she needs some serious supplements. When do you think Suzie should schedule her next visit to the doctor? After she goes to the hospital, in a few weeks.

Source: National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science

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