Kaylas Opinion Paper on Abortion Essay

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Kaylas Opinion Paper on Abortion

The key factors of abortion are expressed in scenes such as: a women who has four kids and is in her late thirties early forties pacing back and forth thinking to herself should I go through with this or no, a young girl that was raped and wants to have this baby aborted but is second guessing herself because what she is going to do is going against her religion, women who work there are running inside because of the antiabortion activists yelling and shouting at them, two friends arguing back and forth about whether a fetus should be able to live and not be aborted, state legislators debating on passing a bill about making women watch a video before they make the decision to abort the baby, the Catholics stating their belief that abortion in any way form is murder, the head of abortion rights stating publicly that all antiabortion activists are dangerous violent people, and people getting elected into government just because they want to ban abortion.

I agree with Utilitarianism (Mill) because they do believe in abortion as to where Duty Ethics (Kant) believes absolutely no abortion it is immoral they do not want you to do it. However I only believe abortion should be allowed only in two conditions if the girl is raped and gets pregnant or if the unborn fetus is going to harm or take the life of the mother. My beliefs fall under that of utilitarianism in that if the “mothers impaired mental and physical health (and possible death)” as well as “the anguish of being pregnant as a result of rape or incest”. (Vaughn 165). I feel that a girl who is raped should be entitled to have an abortion because the pain and suffering of carrying around a child as a result of a rape has to be tremendous.

No girl should have to go through the pain of experiencing something such as rape in the first place let alone carry around what he did to you for nine months. Especially if it is a young girl who has her whole life ahead of her she should not be expected to raise a rapist’s child for the rest of her life she should be able to settle down in the future and have children when she makes the decision to do so. I also feel that a woman should be entitled to abortion if the unborn fetus is going to harm or take her life from her. A rule-utilitarian would also agree because it states “abortion is not morally permissible unless it is to save a mother’s life”. (Vaughn 165). The reason I feel this way is because the mother still may have a chance at life if the fetus is aborted.

It would not be easy for the mother to do that but I think that if the fetus is going to kill you then it should be aborted. There are other ways you can become a parent you could adopt a child, or you could get a seregant mother to hold your child, etc. This is why I agree that abortion is morally right so that way the mother can still have a chance at giving the love and compassion of a mother to another child and be able to experience it with her family. Now the reason I believe that those are the only times it is morally right for a person to abort an unborn child is because many people do it just because they can. That is morally wrong to me no questions asked.

There are so many women in this world that would do anything to have a child and these careless women are doing whatever and end up pregnant the next day and decide, oh I do not need a kid or I do not want a kid right now and go have an abortion. They need to open up their eyes and make the bed they lay in because you chose to do what you did now you need to pay the price. Not saying that they have to keep the child they do not want because there are alternate ways for the situation to be handled. For example they can put the child up for adoption and let the child go to a home where they are wanted and are going to change the life of a women or a family because they cannot have a child of their own versus getting it aborted and there be no chance at all for the baby.

When a young girl who was raped or woman who’s life may be taken if they do not abort the fetus walk into the abortion clinic you have to see that they did not make the decision to get pregnant as to where a woman who was out partying all night and hooked up with a guy and just wants to get an abortion because she does not want a kid that was her decision. That is morally wrong she should not be allowed to go in there and kill a child just because she can and wants to, no I feel she needs to pay the price of her decision. That’s why I agree abortion is only right on two circumstances and that is when a girl is raped or is going to die because of the unborn fetus.

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