Katrina Essay Topics

Hurricane Katrina

Many countries that face the catastrophes today need the relief assistance particularly in the floods and the devastation of the earthquakes. The countries, particularly those undergoing difficult transitions, lack the public and private institutions and infrastructure necessary to meet the challenges posed by complex humanitarian emergencies need a collaborated effort to overcome the effects of… View Article

Response to Hurricane Katrina

On 29 August, 2005 the category 5 huge Hurricane, Hurricane Katrina hit USA land. This natural disaster brought massive flood, damaging the property and resulted into high death toll. Although the projects related to the protection of areas by Hurricane were constructed 60 years ago but this exceptional unexpected disaster was the most terrible one… View Article

Why Race, Class, and Gender Still Matter

Title: Why Race, Class, and Gender Still Matter Authors: Margaret L. Andersen, Patricia Hill Collins Publication: Wadsworth The critical issues mentioned in “Why Race Class and Gender Still Matter” are how inequalities are going to be spoken about in the book “Race Class and Gender” and about how race, class, and gender still effect society… View Article