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Katha Polliti

Katha Pollitt, writer of “What’s Wrong with Gay Marriage?” depicts several reasons why people oppose to same sex marriage and among them, the most controversial reason is religion. Even though societies may think legalizing gay marriage will provide established homes for children who are left in orphanages and add financial earnings to state, marriage as it is, is between a man and a woman. Objection to gay marriage are based on religious prejudgment because a marriage of a man and a women is sacred and the approval of same sex marriage will disrupt the sacral institution, in fact, surveys demonstrate an outstanding connection of religiosity with opposition to gay marriage. Gay marriage is mismatch with religious beliefs, sacred texts, and traditions of many religious groups. The Catholic Church, Church of Jesus Christ, Evangelical Lutheran Church, Presbyterian Church, and other churches like these all oppose to same sex marriage.

The expansion of same sex marriage may lead to churches being forced to wed couples and children being taught in school that same sex marriage is the same as opposite sex marriage. Americans, who oppose the authorization of same sex marriage, are most likely to explain their position because of religious beliefs of holy passages dealing with same sex relationships. Those who agree to same sex marriage are most likely to defend their point by saying either that it is a matter of human rights, or that such things should be left to the individual choice. The authorization of gay marriage does have profound impact on the society because whenever one violates the natural moral order established by God, one sins and upsets God. Marriage is not the being of any state; rather, God in Paradise established it for our first parents, Adam and Eve, as mentioned in the Book of Genesis. Katha Pollitt cited this quote here: “People may think marriage is a word wholly owned by religion, but actually it’s wholly owned by the state” (572).

What Pollitt is saying is that the government governs marriage, it involves civil act procedures that permit couples to get married by state authorization, otherwise, they are unable to get married and they must attain a marriage license from city hall. To conclude, marriage is more than just signing a document; it is a sacral pact that units a man and a woman and permitting same sex marriage will violate the sacral institution. One of the biggest debates of whether people should allow gay marriage to occur is due to the opposition of religious believers and sacral institutions. Whether most religions consider homosexuality immoral, deteriorate the respect for the society of marriage, and confuse children about sexual roles, there will always be opposition about gay marriage. Marriage is a privilege that humans obtain, should humans have the same privilege to choose whom they would want to marry, without intervening with religion?

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