Karen van der Zee’s book “A Secret Sorrow” Essay

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Karen van der Zee’s book “A Secret Sorrow”

The last two chapters of Karen van der Zees book, A Secret Sorrow, are very eventful. Chapter Eleven begins with Faye, one of the main characters, horrified by the question her boyfriend has just asked her. Kai, Faye?s boyfriend, has found a slip of paper that has slipped out of Faye?s wallet the previous Saturday morning. The slip of paper is from Doctor Martin recommending her to a psychiatrist by the name of Doctor Jaworski. Earlier in the book, Faye had a car accident that left her infertile, this is why she has seen the Doctor Martin. Her boyfriend Kai has no idea she is infertile. Faye doesnt want to tell him because she knows he looks forward to having children and she thinks he might not want her anymore. He is asking her about the referral slip given to here by Doctor Martin to see a psychiatrist. She is so terrified when he asks her about the slip that she collapses and bursts into tears. She finally tells him about her infertility. She is so overwhelmed by telling him she runs out and takes his car to her brother house. Karen van der Zees excerpt has many important aspects which keeps the reader involved in the story.

One important aspect of the first few lines of the story is how the reader discovers the seriousness of the conflict. The narrator explains that Faye could feel the blood drain from her face and how the room tilted and swirled which signifies the seriousness of the dialogue. This leads the reader to realize that Faye is in an extremely emotional state of mind and that the conflict between the couple is very serious. Panic in the introduction seems to be the element that grabs the reader?s attention until they become involved in the story.

Another important aspect of the story is the way the narrator explains the physical contact between Faye and Kai. The narrator is very important because it brings out the romance in the story and gives the reader the loving feeling. The narrator draws a mental picture for the reader by explaining Kai holding Faye with his hands that are warm and strong on her back and tears silently running down Fayes cheeks. This gives the reader that sort of romantic feeling which is appealing.

The most important aspect of the story is the end. It is typical for most romantic stories to have one of the main characters find the other and confess their love. This romantic story has a different approach. Kai walks to Fayes brother house and sits down beside her on the bed and tells her that she is his ?first and only choice?. He tells her that he loves her no matter what and they can always adopt children.

Chapter Twelve, the final chapter, comes to a close with Kai and Faye sitting on the front porch of their home watching there adopted children. As they watch them Kai kisses Faye and says, Theyre true originals, like their mother. I wouldnt want it any other way.? In conclusion, the exerpt from the book A Secret Sorrow by Karen van der contains all of the fine elements of popular literature. Many people have trouble reading stories that are written in dialogue but this story can be easily read.

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