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Kaplan university science Essay

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This assignment concerning the differences between reputable source and questionable sources is in regards to weight loss programs. There are so many different programs available to the public. Unfortunately they are often from a questionable source consisting magic pills and supplements and marketed as the recommendations of a seemingly practicing physician who has conducted scientific research of sorts that will back up his claims. Many times it is stated or at least implied that there is absolutely no necessary change in diet or lifestyle needed.

I think this makes their products a best-seller because it feeds into the fears and insecurities of the customer as well as the fantasy of something for nothing. For example, there is a new fad of weight supplements by ’Dr. Oz’. “Oprah and Other Celebrates Lose 4lbs a Week of BellyFat With This Secret That Readers Can Try Now!…According to Dr. Travis Stork, Garcenia Lean Extreme works in more than one way. The first way is it goes in and causes the body to burn glucose, or sugar, and burn fat mainly in the liver.

The second way, the most important way, is it slows the release of sugar into the bloodstream. So, when you don’t have sugar building up because sugar turns to fat. When the two combine together, you get this synergistic effect that basically burns and blocks and stops fat, but it is also natural and safe”. (Dr. Oz n.d.) The advertisement goes on further to provide quotes from seemingly satisfied customers whom boast of unprecedented weight loss in record breaking time without changing a single thing in their daily routine or diet. However, there are medical weight loss programs which are the result of legitimate and peer reviewed research.

These programs offer no magic pills or supplements but do provide tested and proven facts concerning healthy and sustainable weight loss induced by a routine exercise regimen, significant reduction in calorie intake, and dramatic lifestyle changes. None of which is by any means easy. But, this is the program that can confidently guarantee amazing weight loss results and deliver. For example, “Specialist dietitians competent in Counterweight Programme delivery conducted two four-hour training sessions and a further 3 hour sessions after 6 months to consolidate the initial training.

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