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Kampung Desa Essay

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Life was a bed of roses for the villagers of Kampung Desa until a gang of robbers had fled from a police station near the village recently. They were on the most wanted list by the police since they had harmed victims before. Ever since their getaway, there had been abundant of reports involving robbery occurring in Kampung Desa. Most victims were unable to identify the culprits because they were wearing masks.

The villagers of Kampung Desa had been warned by the police to stay on guard at all times.

The villagers were beginning to worry. Some of them immediately installed home security alarms and grille to protect their homes. Due to this alert, the chief of the village, Pak Ali, had to take quick actions. He had no idea what to do. But he cannot give up because there is more than one-way to skin a cat. He discussed with all the villagers and made a conclusion to carry out patrols, which will take effect the following night.

In order for this plan to work out, they need to unite and fight those robbers together. The chief also advised all villagers to inform the authorities of suspicious activities happening in their village.

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On that night, a whistle was blown to call the men in the village to assemble in front of Pak Ali’s house. He divided them into groups. Each group will be on guard according to their shifts. They were very enthusiastic and promised not to sleep on the job. The chief noticed the absence of Pak Said, the village’s foreman. He was puzzled. Pak Said never missed any of the village’s activities even if he was ill. Pak Said is known to be very industrious.

Pak Ali went over to Pak Said’s house. It was as dark as a dungeon. Pak Ali man up and knocked on the door. Pak Said opened the door with a sour face. Pak Ali greeted him with a warm smile and asked why he did not join the night patrol. Pak Said furiously mocked the patrol by saying it was a waste of time and a wildcat scheme. Pak Ali was willing to compromise with him if he wanted an earlier shift. Of course, that made Pak Said even more enraged. Pak Ali explained that it would be unfair if he lets Pak Said slip away without any sensible reason because all the other men had participated. Pak Said proudly exclaimed that he has three strong sons to watch over his family through thick and thin. Then, he slammed the door before Pak Ali could say anything. Eventually, Pak Ali had to give up. But deep inside his heart, he scorned Pak Said. Who would have thought that his best friend would be so arrogant and self-centered? How could such a man feel no remorse?

Nobody knew the robbers were lurking in the dead of the night behind Pak Said’s house. Just as Pak Ali left his house, the robbers were already eyeing on the unlocked door. Pak Said had forgotten to lock his front door after talking to Pak Ali. Pak Said, his wife and his three sons were already sailing in the sea of dreams. This gave an opportunity for the robbers to easily enter his house without anybody’s acknowledgement. Unfortunately, the robbers did not find any valuable goods in the living room, kitchen, dining room nor the storeroom. They were dissatisfied and decided to use force.

The careless Pak Said did not lock his bedroom door either. This was indeed like a warm welcome to the robbers. They managed to tie up his wife. He quickly became aware of the robbers. Thanks to his spinal reflex, he bolted out of the room when he had the chance and deliberately ran into his sons’ room. His sons attempted to ambush the robbers. However, the robbers outnumbered them and hit them with a vase until they were knocked out. Pak Said was filled with terror after witnessing the apples of his eyes battered. He was on thin ice at that moment. He had no other choice than to call for help from the patrols.

He was wiling to sacrifice his pride for the safe keep of his family’s lives. He screamed for help. To his disbelief, someone heard him and spontaneously blew a whistle. A crowd of people ran toward Pak Said’s house. The robber were frightened of getting caught, so they deserted their loot and hastily ran away but the crowd was able to seize them in the nick of time and tied them to a pole. A stitch in time saves nine. Those brutal robbers could have taken the lives of Pak Said’s family. The police department was straight away notified.

Pak Said dashed out of his house and begged someone to call for an ambulance because his sons were severely injured. Pak Ali, whom he ridiculed, called an ambulance even after Pak Said bad-mouthed him earlier.

Pak Said was in awe. He was ashamed of what he had said to Pak Ali. He apologised to Pak Ali and all the other villagers for what he had said about them. He should have think before he speaks. He now perceived the real meaning of unity and is forever in great debt for what the villagers had done for him. They all forgave him because to err is human and to forgive is divine.

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