Kaiser Permanente - Business Strategy

Discuss how talent management at Kaiser Permanente supports the business strategy. Kaiser Permanente conducted an analysis of its past executive-level hires, 65% were recruited externally. This needed to change to help create opportunities for current leaders to grow from within the organization. The executive team believed that the leadership development must be aligned with the organization’s business strategy. Leadership development is not seen as a program , but rather as part of the organizational strategy that creates leadership capability. Discuss the leadership framework at Kaiser Permanente.

The leadership framework created a systematic approach to the development of their leaders. The process became transparent. All leaders that were reviewed would be given the opportunity to develop not just the high-potential talent. The approach would be Identification of high-potential talent and behavior gaps Management of talent Development of talent and creation of a leadership pipeline for regional and national roles The potential outcome for the People Stragety and leadership framework was for the executive team to agree to be accountable to the development of the high-potentail population as a group.

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Leadership success factors, foster objectivity, assess performance and potential distinguish between “high-potential” and “high-performers. ” National talent assessment process: Collective understanding and agreement of the high potential population peer feedback, input on performance strengths/development needs, aspiration, engagement and willingness to learn identification of future role, readiness and mobility and collective agreement to map high-potential talent to key experiences for their development Discuss the training program at Kaiser Permanente and how it contributes to the development of high potential leaders.

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High-potentials are individulas that are likely to advance to the, next level through their consistent display and contribution to sustained individual and business unit performance proficiency in leadership and technical/organizational skills, and demonstration of the behavior predictors of potential Transparent that the incumbent is aware of the expectations of the process and fills out the following: resume, aspirations, willingness to relocate and time farm and vice-president-level experiences Orientation, individual development plan, case management, peer network, leadership edge senior director/director leve, e

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Kaiser Permanente - Business Strategy

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