Juvie Three Essay

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Juvie Three

Imagine that you have stolen a car and got away to help your brother get away from the crime scene where he stole some video games. Then while you are driving after the getaway the car flips over and you wake up behind rusted bars in an orange jumpsuit. Going to juvie is tough for this 14 year old and 2 others but their second chance has luckily come. They are all offered to get out of juvie by Douglas Healy. The three boys have to live in apartment with him in NYC and they have to go to school, work, be involved in a community service and attend therapy sessions.

One slipup and they are back to juvie. Terrence, one of the 3 boys tries to escape through the emergency escape but Arjay, another one of the boys, and Gecko stop him and get into an argument. Healy comes and tries to settle it down but falls over and hits the ground unconscious. The boys steal a car and rush him to a hospital. Stealing the car was something they would get sent back to juvie for, so they try to play it off that Healy is still with them even though he has lost his memory and is in the hospital.

As they do that they get away from the cops chasing them when breaking Healy out. He regains memory when they are in a battle with the worst gang in NY. Three versus five man battle they were outnumbered. But the cops spot the action on the emergency escape and stop it. Gecko put the car back exactly where he found it after he stole it and they broke out Healy because of all the right reasons even though it was wrong so they are home free. Well not Terence, Gecko, and Arjay but they don’t go to juvie.

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