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Juvenile Delinquency Depends on Neighborhoods

Categories Crime, Juvenile Delinquency, Social Issues

Essay, Pages 5 (1079 words)



Essay, Pages 5 (1079 words)

How does one know for sure whether or not their family is being brought up in the right type of environment? An abundance of people raise their children in neighborhoods where the youth may be pressured and lured into situations that can generally lead to only problems and complications. There is not necessarily one right answer to prevent this from happening. It is not as simple as keeping adolescents from getting into bad situations by locking them up a closet their entire lives; however, there can be other ways to approach and deal with these ypes of issues involving Juvenile delinquency.

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Nowadays, the area in which a person lives and raises their families, may have a significant amount to do with the circumstances in which their kids get involved with gang affiliation, drugs and committing violent acts. To begin, there are numerous places where which gangs or gang affiliation is present, yet there are certain areas in which gangs are more apparent.

For example, according to an article from SF gate, “A 1 5-year-old boy has been charged with murder in the slaying of another teenager near a troubled Oakland apartment omplex, authorities said Tuesday…

The slaying happened in a neighborhood where two buildings had recently been condemned because of code violations and fears of imminent gang activity, and police suspect that Erik and his killer were members of rival gangs. “(SF Gate). Henry Lee who wrote this article gives a perfect example of how many young teens are getting into gangs.

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This shooting happened in Oakland were a lot of violence goes on, because low income families live in the bad neighborhoods their children grow up with many bad influences around them.

Another example is, in reference to this article from SF Gate, “The action came a week atter police noticed that nearby buildings were covered with gang graffiti a gang members had punched holes through the walls of the complex as an escape route, apparently girding for a possible attack, authorities said. Rival gang members then sprayed over the graffiti, police said. “(SF Gate). This article is mainly about how a young child gunned down rival gang members, but analyzing this more thoroughly it states how children are getting into gangs at a young age because of the neighborhoods they are growing in.

Young children are getting into gangs and committing violent acts because of the neighborhood they are growing up in. Furthermore, drugs are another influence that children of a young age are getting into because of the neighborhoods they are growing up in. For example, from an article of World Youth Report, “The use of alcohol and illegal drugs by Juveniles is one cause of delinquency, as they are often compelled to commit crimes (usually theft) to obtain the cash needed to support their substance use. Drugs play a huge role in when it comes to Juvenile delinquency because young children get into them. The reason for that is because of the neighborhood the child grows up to. A good comparison is a child growing up in Oakland compared to a child growing up in Marin. In Marin one doesn’t see children drug dealing at the corner compared to Oakland were things like that do happen and children are involved. Another example from the article of World Youth Report, “Many young people retreat into the confines of their own groups and resort to drug use for psychological or emotional escape. Drugs can also be used as a getaway drug because of problems they might be having ut it wouldn’t be a problem if the children were being raised in the right type of environment. Drugs have a big influence on children when growing up in a bad neighborhood. Finally, there is the issue of violence amongst youth. Violence is also a huge issue around the world, but is more generally seen in conflicted neighborhoods.

An example from an article of World Youth Report, “Quite often, advantage is being taken of illegal opportunities as young people commit various offences, become addicted to drugs, and use violence against their peers. ” Violent acts that children do at a young ge because of the neighborhoods they grow up in. Many kids do more violent acts because they are in gangs and required to or because of anger. Children doing violent acts do them because of the life style they grow up in. Back to the article form SF gate where the fifth teen year old teen shot and killed a rival gang member.

Being that young and already murdering someone is a problem in our society because kids that age should be in a gang or exposed to all that violence. Many gang members recruit small children so they can get them to commit violent acts and they won’t be trailed as adults. Another example from the article of World Youth Report, “Some groups and subcultures tend to use violence as a means of solving interpersonal conflicts, and the atmosphere thus created is an important mediating factor contributing to delinquent or criminal behavior. Violence can also be interpret as solving problems with their fists, these ways of solutions are used by many kids and they get it from the neighborhood they are growing up in. Violence is a major influence on children because of the neighborhood they are growing up in. To reiterate, there are many reasons tor why children can be driven to Juvenile elinquencies but the main reason is neighborhoods because of gangs, drugs and violence.

Children when growing up in bad neighborhoods are exposed to many things because gangs, drugs and violence are in bad neighborhoods. Many children move into more and more bad neighborhoods and are being exposed to gangs, drugs and violence. There are some solutions that we can approach to stop kids from getting involved in these bad influences. One solution is providing programs like the Big Brother Big Sister program to have a role model to guide them down the right path. Another solution is reducing the gangs in neighborhoods and getting them off he streets.

If we were able to develop a program were low income families can be located to good neighborhoods and have an agreement to live their instead of a bad neighborhood that would fix the problem. Though there are many solutions making them come true is a different story but there are many programs out there that provide kids with the help and attention they need.

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