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Justify the use of IT for this problem compared to other methods Essay

In my opinion I feel that IT would be most appropriate for this problem. I can justify this by using an example such as; if a large corporate company that have millions of bills to produce all the time and used the manual approach, they would be paying out more money than they are making. This would mean they would have to charge the customer more for their services and some customers may not feel satisfied with the prices, and this may cause them to end their contract with the company.

I do think that the total cost for hardware, software and their maintenance can seem overwhelming, however once these costs have been taken care of the company can produce millions of bills quickly and efficiently, saving time and money. The cost of initially training staff may also seem like a lot of money, however once the staff have been trained they will have the knowledge for a long-time and so the company won’t have to keep paying out for new staff to learn special skills. However, if someone wanted to produce one bill buy a whole new computer system with new hardware and software wouldn’t really justify the cause.

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Producing 1000 letters by hand would be ridiculous because using this method to solve this type of problem would only cause inconvenience and further problems. The best way to deal with this problem would be to use IT, using IT would quicker and more economical. And if all the letters had the same framework and only a few details needed to be changed each time one could use something like a ‘mail merge’ system. However, when producing only one letter it is better to do it by hand rather than investing in a whole new computer system.

When using the IT approach to the situation of producing many bills, it has many advantages one of the most important ones in my opinion is security. If the system is done by hand, anyone has easy access to the personal details of any customer, these details are very confidential. However, when everything is done with a computer system the security is increased and additional passwords and precautions can be taken if required which are usually needed when working with a huge-communication company.

Would the use of IT in ‘expert hands’ have produced better results than those you produced?

In my opinion, I feel that if this particular dilemma was placed in the hands of an IT expert they would have handled it different to the way I have. Firstly I think they would have solved the whole

Is the use of ‘latest technology’ always an improvement?

(Try to give examples in IT where the latest technology has been helpful in achieving results and also where there have been problems using latest technology. Draw some sort of conclusion.)

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