Justifications for the State: Limits & Possibilities

Justice and Security within the States Qua States

Importance of discharging the quality of security and justice has been emphasized particularly in the status quo context. There is a need to seek the answer whether these elements provide better services to the general public relative to the small units or large political units or not. One of the advantages is that each state is independent and thus self-governing as well as sovereign. In addition to that, individuals who are living in the country are not bound or limited to relocate.

This helps them to move to the other states which are best for them. This results in implementing the security as well as justice as citizens are given the opportunity to cast their votes, thus reflecting the rights that are given to the citizens. Rights given to the citizens may have an impact on the power of the state. According to (Jones, (2017), rights that are given to the citizens may have direct limitations on the power of the country.

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Also, every state is mainly known by its surrounding states or by its neighbors. In such cases, the specific and general code is usually followed by the people who help them to enhance their lives. Hence, the adopted change would easily be replicated by other states. Thus, in case if a state prefers to implement perfect security measures which are significant for the citizens, this could easily be emulated by other countries to ensure the better lives of the citizens. Central governing systems thus encourage in not only sharing in the ideas but also help in the adoption of the plans are for the betterment as well as the advancement of the citizens of the nations.

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Thus, the key to better citizenship is the collective decision making as well as collective implementing the rules and regulations (Brown, 2011).

The tenth amendment results in the notions of the states which has a significant concern on the pioneers of the constitution in the US. This results in preventing the central government to gain or obtain the total jurisdiction over its subjects. Preventing the central government to obtain its jurisdiction thus help the citizens in terms of outing them into considerations at the time of sharing the national resources.

Abuse of Power

Abuse of power is considered as the commission of an unlawful act an abuse committed at an official level, results in affecting the overall performance by influencing the official tasks as well as responsibilities. Any individual can easily observe abuse of power in every sector as well as in every setting. Even the national states may dwell in the jaws of inequality, and unfairness. So, abuse of power seems to be familiar not only in every sector but also in every setting. It is also clear that there exists such settings that seem to be more prone relative to others. To be more specific, the states seem to be less inclined to abuse of power in comparison to the local or domestic communities and large regional units (Berger, 2011).

Firstly, the states are likely to observe as well as acts that are performed by others. For instance, the countries are likely to follow their neighboring states in terms of their governance. This makes them and indulges them in competition with other states for the achievement as well as attainment of the developmental goals. Each and every state competes with each other as they don’t want to lag. To compete successfully, they do correctly utilize all their resources and exploit their resources to the fullest. This results in minimizing the abuse of power.

Secondly, the states are considered as safe particularly from the aggression that resulted from the foreign forces. It means that other nations could not be able to look or spy regarding all the matters of the given state. This also results in obstacles for the state official in signing any deal with other nations as by allowing they would result in forcing them to emanate from the central government. This prevents the state official to engage themselves not only in dirty politics but also restricting them to participate in any unlawful act particularly at the international level.

We, the members of the states are given rights to vote for any bill or law of the country. Officials thus are not entitled to mandate or design or make any law. In case if the enacted legislation does not seem to be in the interest for the general public, then the bill can easily be dismissed or terminated with immediate effect. This prevents the leaders to dictate, and thus they cannot use their positions that may suit themselves. To be more specific, they are restricted from not only exploiting but also from abusing power.

The concept of nationalism on National-State Idea

Writers who have emphasized patriotism have often given suggestions that contrasting to the other political units that have existed throughout the history, the idea regarding the nation-state as well as practicing of war-prone has already been started. Nation-state thus considered having such abilities that help in determining how and what conditions that nationhood must-have.

Thirty million people are in the rocky areas of Turkey, Iran, etc and hence are known to be Kurds. Their languages Kurdish which don’t relate to Arabic or Turkish, but they are known to be Sunni Muslims. Kurds had sought the self-rule right after World War 1. As a result, independence has not occurred to date. Several states tried their best to keep Kurds in their area, but they were ultimately divided. At the start of 2003, American led war into Iraq, the US used the Kurds region to enter Iraq.

This shows that any conflict may not be resolved by the international powers in the Middle East without considering the interest of Kurds. Even though there exists a coincidence between a nation and a state but it shows that may not always result in coinciding.

The conflict had aroused when people of the Republic of China had assumed that the location of the permanent seat of China is in the United Nations Security Council which resulted in conflict at the end of colonialism particularly in Africa and Middle-East. This mainly has been occurred due to the instability of the sources and the nation had also desired and wished to start its states.

Political Legitimacy: Globalization, Religion, and Ethnonational

There are several challenges that state may face due to the process of globalization or any transitional movement, or due to any crime regarding transitional or any religious movement. Social media plays a significant role nowadays in today’s society. Social media groups such as Twitter or Facebook or smartphones play a substantial role in controlling the mind of citizens as well as the non-governmental group which may include Red Cross (Mings & Arregun-Toft, 2013).

There are several advantages as well as disadvantages of Globalization. Advantages & disadvantages may include access to trade, access to more jobs, more opportunities for cross border trade and more access to a line of communication. More openness to trade results in more opportunities to get jobs. In case of low barriers, there are more chances that consumers will purchase more than makes the business to provide more jobs. Globalization results in free trade that results in increasing the competition.

It happens that currencies manipulation is by a large number of countries, i.e. Euro, Pound or Dollar to give benefit to the economy. Consumers thus have more benefits from the outcome, due to the involvement of Globalization since the manipulation of currencies is not needed.

Due to the openness of borders, there are more chances for under-developed countries to develop. Entry-level industrialization is very known as well as famous in many nations. The process of globalization thus allows people to get benefit in terms of experiencing greater prosperity as it provides the abilities to each area according to their needs. There would be fewer opportunities to exploit or suppress anyone at the expense of others thus benefiting very few from success.

Whether the State has any greater claim to political legitimacy comparative to other units, do depend on the democracy limitation which based on the considered democracy. The state has more claims to political legitimacy. Democracy in Asia seems to be sporadic (Thompson, 1993). Major countries of (ASEANS) including Philippines democratization did not have any noticeable impact on the semi-democratic regimes of Malaysia, Singapore or Indonesia (Thompson, 1993).

In the US, the constitutional democracy is being followed thus reflecting the fact that government is subjected to support the US constitution as well as amendments. However, the limitations include check and balances considering the three branches of government which include the following:

  • Legislative legitimacy
  • Judicial legitimacy
  • Representatives

Protection of minority opinions

In case if a law passed by the elected representatives in Congress, it can be overturned by the Supreme Court even the document is signed by the president. So, it seems that the state has more claim to power legitimacy.

Realization of Individual Agency

One of the new balances of power that are ensured by the government is that no more control is held by the branch of government which results in the limitation of democracy. There are some rights of citizens that cannot be taken from them which may include;

  • Freedom of religion
  • Freedom of speech
  • Freedom of Assembly

All the reasons as mentioned earlier given to the individuals make a difference.

Western civilization/ culture are known as the customs or beliefs which may also include ethical values. It’s broadly referred to as heritage of social norms and folkloric traditions as well as the political system associated with Europe. This term can apply to European immigration which may include countries such as the Americas and Austarilias.

There were certain groups of traditions and themes that played a role in shaping western civilization in the 4th century. These groups include Celtic, Germanic, Hellenic and Latin heritage.

Hellenistic philosophy, Scholasticism, humanism, the Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment plays a significant role in developing the tradition of rationalism. Values of the Western culture happened to derived from the following:

  • Political thoughts
  • Rational arguments supporting free ideas
  • Favoring human rights
  • Equality needs
  • Democracy


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Justifications for the State: Limits & Possibilities

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