Justification of Scholarship Application for Rutgers University

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In my family, my father is the one that can provide for us and his other family members like his sisters and mother back in our home country, since they don’t work, they depend on him. My parents migrated from a country in West Africa called Senegal. I have 3 siblings, two of them are still in grade school and one of them is 12 years old while the other 10 years old and my father pays for their school and living expenses; my older brother who is 20 years old is in college and my father pays more than half of his tuition.

He not only takes care of them but also works very hard to also take care of my education and other living expenses. So, it will be nearly impossible for him to pay for my college expenses. As the second child going to college, I would like to lessen the burden for him.  Going to college has always been something so important because first, it will help me discover myself more by providing me a path on which I can build my future on.

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Another reason why is because it will give me the opportunity to get something that most people back in my country can’t afford to have. Not only will going to college help me discover myself it will also give me the opportunity to help repay my parent for the sacrifices and hard work they have done in order to support my family and the ones back in Senegal.

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By awarding me a scholarship at Rutgers University you will be helping me do that and achieve one of my important goals in life which is going to college.

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