Justice or Freedom of Speech Essay

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Justice or Freedom of Speech

1. When do the concerns of national security cross the line to infringing on personal freedoms in regards to activities such as data mining?

2. Are people prepared to give up certain civil rights in order to assure safety in the new age of terrorism?

3. Is the government being completely open about the various programs that are being used under the “drift net?”

4. What is actual definition of the “targeted” part of society that is being observed and tracked?

5. Should the government be able to “mine” personal data such as financial, phone and related records?

6. Does the Patriot Act give too much power to the FBI and related government agencies without judicial oversight?

7. Who is providing checks and balances to the agencies that have been given this extra power under the Patriot Act?

8. What is the margin for error in defining who is a suspect and who is not?

9. Is there appropriate due process for those targeted by National Security letters whose records have been requested?

10. Is racially profiling considered a violation of people’s civil rights, and does the government have a right to use this as a basis for targeting civilians as possible terrorists?

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