Justice: Definition, Problems and Nature

Justice can be a controversial topic by having two different subjects brought into play. Conflict relevant to justice is first derived from a lack of communication, misunderstanding, and ignorance. These two can result in vague questions without having a clear and concise answer. For example, society these days, they define justice to be as “a subjective term that is perceived in a variety of ways” (_____). Being a subjective term, justice is a highly controversial topic among individuals and cultures. As individual cultures have their own and unique views of justice, each culture has their own perception of what justice is, yet this may oppose others within the same culture.

In modern America, justice can be easily compared to the Olden Days according to the Holy Bible. Before comparing justice in America to the Bible, justice must first be defined. First, justice and law are not the same. In clarifying the difference of law and justice, these terms are used interchangeably according to society, despite being completely different.

The law is an objective system that society follows.

Although law is not for everyone, it is maintained because every citizen is required to follow it. Justice, on the other hand, focuses more on the individual rather than perceiving exactly what justice is. In a criminal justice textbook, it defines justice as “the quality of fairness that must exist in the processes designed to determine whether individuals are guilty of criminal wrongdoing” (Gaines & Miller, 2015). Justice, unlike law, does not discriminate and fairly judges people based on their actions.

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Justice cannot be withheld by any other means, and it is necessary to emphasize how justice is fair and equal because it does not discriminate. This is why justice itself can be different depending on each person, because of not every individual view other with equality; whether it be based on class, gender, race, or any other aspect.

Now that justice is defined, the application itself that can be related to it is essential to apply this knowledge in comparing justice in the Bible to justice in America. In each culture, when global conflicts arise, justice is never the same. In this application, how Americans view justice is different from a Biblical stance of justice. According to the Bible, justice is portrayed with every wrongdoing deserving a severe act of justice. For example, in Deuteronomy it says, “… and he came with the heads of the people, he executed the justice of the Lord, and his judgments with Israel” (Deuteronomy 33:12). This passage teaches how the people in the Biblical era suffered great punishments for their sins. Throughout the Bible, justice is relevant and necessary all throughout life. For example, God flooded the whole world and wiped out all of His children because of their lifestyle being so sinful and not righteous and not believing in God.

Today, in American society, justice is practiced but not as a routine. When a crime is done, the actions are judged differently between the days from the Biblical days; justice was not always served to the full extent. For a country that was founded on a Christian foundation, the justice system is far different from the Bible nowadays. After understanding what justice is, it is necessary to compare all cultures’ justice systems in applying this knowledge to ways that can produce progress. Tensions in the world regarding justice can be minimized by understanding what justice entails. When justice is defined in an objective way, it is possible to compare different cultures to progress in the justice system. Justice can only be fair when the world understands what it is and why it is important.

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