Justice, Crime and Ethics Essay

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Justice, Crime and Ethics

Justice is mainly concerned with the appropriate ordering of persons and things within the society. Thus when one is aggrieved by another person, he or she is supposed to seek justice to be administered on the person who has violated the rights of the other. Thus the person whose rights are violated is not supposed to take law on his hands and punish the person who has violated his rights but is supposed to seek justice from competent bodies in the land which have the mandate of administering justice.

This is very important to the society as it enables the members of the society to live in harmony and to have standard means by which they can seek legal redress (McCarthy, & McCarthy, 2001). Crime can be regarded as actions that lead to the violation of the set rules and regulations which have been set by the government. A crime can also arise as a result of a person’s behavior deviating from the prevailing norms as set by cultural standards which stipulate the manner in which the behavior of human being ought to be.

When a crime is committed to a person in respect to personal or private rights a civil crime is said to have taken place whereas when the nature of the crime is that which violates public law then a criminal offence is said to have taken place. For the society to live in an orderly manner there is need for existence of laws that govern the conduct of its members so that no member of the society has his rights violated and in case they are violated then there should be competent means by which they are addressed (McCarthy, & McCarthy, 2001).

Ethics basically refers to a situation where one feels under duty to behave morally, in so doing a person avoids acting in a manner that is likely to cause harm to other people within the society. Actions which are ethically motivated results into a situation where majority of the society members are affected by such decisions in positive way. Ethics addresses the determination of moral values, how it is possible to attain the desired moral outcomes, how moral agency or capacity develops in certain situations and the kind of moral values that members of the society should abide by (McCarthy, & McCarthy, 2001).

The criminal justice process is a procedure through which the person who is responsible for violating the laws of the land is actually sued in order to determine whether the alleged person actually committed the offence as claimed by the plaintiff. This is usually done in a court of law where the defendant is given a chance to defend himself. The court then determines whether the defendant is guilty or not before passing its judgment (McCarthy, & McCarthy, 2001).

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