Jury of her peers Essay

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Jury of her peers

After the first reading

1. What do the women think happened at the farm?

The women thought Mrs. Wright might have murdered her own husband.

After the second reading

2. What is the climax of the story (When in the story does the narrative take a turn)?

The story’s climax is when there are more evidences compiled at the end (the dead bird, broken cage, abuse, marital oppression) this turns the story to Minnie Foster as a victim and not as a criminal.

3. How well does this story fit the model of the stages of narrative?

The story shows all the stages of narrative in correct order (intro, rising action, climax, falling action) except that the conclusion is left for the readers to think.

4. What other things do you notice?

The women were not allowed to be jurors but in this story, they outsmarted their husbands/men in collecting evidences that would point to who the victim and who the murderer was. The strongest evidences would be the abuse and loneliness experienced by Mrs. Wright and the irony of how the bird and Mr. Wright were killed in the same way.

5. What questions do you still have?

 Will the women tell their husbands/men what they saw? Will the women stand up at the trial for the evidences?

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