Jury and Conditional Job Offer

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Do you think American Airlines has the right to rescind a conditional task offer? Why? I do believe American Airline ought to be entitled to rescind a conditional task deal however not for the factor at hand, according to the courts, American Airlines did not approach the situation properly. Nevertheless, employers do deserve to rescind job deals.

Is the reality that they didn't follow their basic employing procedure an issue here? Explain.

According to the 2nd court, this was indeed the issue.

The court stated American Airline ought to have made the conditional deal only after all non-medical elements had been evaluated, which was their normal" process. The deviation made the choice to rescind the deal as doubtful.

Do you think American Airlines has the right to not work with someone who is HIV+? Protect your position.

My honest opinion that should have the right not to hire someone with HIV because HIV is a deadly disease and people who have the virus are not as careful as others which does not exclude that fact that those who have to virus may want to give the virus to others because of mental and emotional problems, but by law no, but with the HIPPA law there is no way you will know if a person has any type of disease they are protected by law the legislation states Individuals with HIV are considered disabled and protected by the ADA.

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If you were the judge at the trial, given the facts presented above, who would you rule in favor of American or the three individuals? Why? I would rule in favor of the three individuals why? Because there are laws set in place to protect them because of my position as a judge.

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Jury and Conditional Job Offer
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