Jurong Bird Park Essay

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Jurong Bird Park


The purpose of the report is research the concept and theories about the visitor behavior. This report is related to the concept of target market segment, motivation, and expectation, interpretation, satisfaction and risk analysis. Our group chooses JURONG BIRD PARK to do the case study. The reasons why our group chooses this attractions are we want to study more knowledge about the bird and there are some recreation activities in the bird park, we can enjoy it and study knowledge. The purpose of the report is to evaluate the tour guide professional knowledge, services of the attraction and research whether there have risk factors.


We have four members in our group. Our tour is as educational tour. We choose Jurong Bird Park (refer to appendices A) to visit because we interested about the bird and we want to learn more knowledge about birds and do the case study. We can study and play in the bird park. Before we go there, we hired eternal tour guide from travel agent because it does not provide tour guide in the bird park. The tour guide is named Wanling. (refer to appendices C) She is a Singaporean. Then we go to buy the ticket. (refer to appendices B). The tour guide can lead us to visit the bird park and teach us knowledge about the bird. The tour guide is going with us for 2 hours.


The bird park is focus on different tourist such as the family tourist, the educational tourist and foreign tourist and. As for us, we are educational tourist, we go to Bird Park because we want to know more knowledge about the bird and do the case study; for family, parents take their children to play in the bird park, and some people are interesting the bird, so they would will to go there to play.


In1943, Maslow proposed the theory on hierarchy of needs based on deficiency and growth needs. He set up the human need in ascending order of physiological needs like water and food in life; safety needs which is the need for security; the need for belongingness such as love, friendship; ego need which is the need for recognition and esteem; and the final need for self-actualization which is the need for self fulfillment and to make use of the most unique abilities. (Ifedili & Ifedili, 2012) (refer to appendices H)

We go to Bird Park because of our self-actualization need; we never go to the bird park, we want to visit the bird park, we interest about the bird and want to learn more knowledge about the bird. We also can play with bird; we can feed the food for bird like parrot. This is interesting; we can study more knowledge about and enjoy the travel.


Expectation have been produced in response to the assessment they may shape the individual’s view of his or her travel experience as attention is now crystallized and features perhaps not previously considered. (Pearce, 2005) Expectiation is what we want to see the palce or things. Before we go to the bird park, we hope the tour guide is friendly and have interactive with us; there are some beautiful views in the bird park and the service provider is good.


6.1Principles of interpretation
Interpretation is important for tourist management; it can promote the understanding, positive impression, admiration. For example, it can teach visitor protect the historical relic, it also can teach more knowledge for visitor and change their attitude and behavior. (Rabotic, 2010)Interpretation is directly or indirectly through different media and means such as map, poster, exhibit, sketch, audio, visual guide, marked tourist trails and travel guide. Face-to-face interaction and communication between tourist and tourist guide during a visit to the site is included in direct or personal interpretation. (Rabotic, 2010)

The tour guide is friendly. The tour guide introduced the bird park for us. Tour guide as a leader and tell the knowledge about bird in detailed. Tour guide has communicate with us, when we askes some questions, she answers us clearly.

In the bird park, it aslo has cleraly direction sign (refer appendices E) , it use bright colour, picture and obvious words, I can clearly see it and know which place we want to go, what kinds of bird in that place. Without tourist guide, If we do not know the where we are, we can search the map (refer appendices D) and congnitive mapping. (refer appendices F) It use symbol pircure to represent the place, I look at it, I can clearly know how can get to the place. There are interpretation panels (refer appendices G) inevery place in bird park, it interprter what kind of the bird is, how does it groe up, what place it born and so on. I can cleatly know more about the bird. Tourist guide’s interprtation, map, direction sign, cognitive mapping and interprtations panels are good ways to help me understand more about the bird and will not be lost in the bird park.

6.2Evaluation of the tour guide

Tour guide’s duties and responsibilities are examined by the five roles. The five roles are the leader, the educator, the public relations representative, the host and the conduit. These roles are used to treat the professionalism of the tour guide. The leadership role is the most important aspect of the responsibilities of guide. Tour guide need to control the tour and interaction with traveler. Traveler can learn knowledge from travel. Tour guide is as educator, he/she must be knowledgeable. The public relation is also as important role of tour guide’s work.

The tour guide is as ambassadors, he/she represent her/his organization, she/he needs to protect the environment and culture. When she/he communicates with traveler, she/he needs to know what should say, what should not say. The tour guide need to as host, they need to create an environment that can make people feel comfortable and enjoy it. The tour guide need to make the best for people, make the traveler feel satisfy. The tour guide as conduit is important for the visitor, local culture, and the travel experience rather than to focus on the guide’s performance. (Reinhold, 1993)

As for our tour guide, Wanling is friendly; she introduced herself first, then communicate with us, she as a leaded to lead us to visit the bird park, she lead us go around the bird park and tell us the knowledge about different kinds of bird, when we ask she some questions about the bird, she answer interesting and professional, she is as educator, teach us more knowledge about the bird. I think she is a good tour guide because before we go to bird park, we just know there will have many different kinds of bird, we not really know the name and knowledge of the bird, after she interpret and we ask her questions then she answers in detailed, we know more about the bird. If evaluate the tour guide 1-10 marks, 10 is the highest mark, I will give her 7 mark.


Satisfaction is perception higher than expectation. Evaluate satisfaction level need through three classes affective, cognitive, and behavioral (or conative). The most critical in the formation of satisfaction is affective evaluation. Satisfaction is formed by emotional evaluations like feelings, emotions and moods. (Wicks & Roethlein, 2009)

I feel satisfy in the tour because Wanling is friendly and her interpretation of bird is interesting and professional. The environment in the bird park is beautiful (refer to appendices A), and there are some interesting activities such as go around the bird park by train, feed the bird. We go to feed the bird, it is fun, the bird is lovely. (refer to appendicesI). In bird park, it also have souvenir shop, and it has services of taking photo. I went to take photo and pay it, the photo is nice and as good souvenir. (refer to appendices J)


The guide/leader may also become a ‘marker’ for risk and safety. (Wang, Jao, Chan & Chung, 2010) There are three main aspects of risk: Identification of the sources of risks, Judgement of Probability and Analysis of the consequences. (Steene 1999) There three types of risk, time, physical and economic risk. In Bird Park, when you go to feed birds, sometimes the bird will peck you, you will be hurt, and it will have some virus, it will make people be sick. People also will hurt the bird when they casual touch or catch the bird. These are some risk factor in the Bird Park Tour.


To sum up, the report focus to analysis the related concepts in the bird park tour. The interpretation is the most important part, people can know the knowledge and more things through the tour guide, directional sign, map and so on. Evaluate the tour guide need to base on their professional knowledge, attitude, and interpersonal skill. As we research, we found the tour guide and the service in Bird Park. I think I will go to bird park again.


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