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Julius Caesar Essay Examples

Essay on Julius Caesar

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Julius Caeser

...Clearly, plot is developed by the supernatural. In conclusion, supernatural events create the moods of tension, suspense or impending doom; they reveal some strengths and weaknesses of the characters; and they also foreshadow the action which helps to keep the audience’s interest. The characters are warned by the forces of the supernatural about their gloomy future; everything seems to be predetermined. The spectators are left with the feeling that the destiny of humans is preordained and they...

A Double Edged Sword Cuts Both Ways

...Another man standing near Caesar is also depicted in red; this is believed to be Brutus because he and Caesar were friends, yet he was still the one that initiated the rebellion. Julius Caesar did many fantastic things politically and militarily for Rome, but, after assuming full control over the government, he became a dictator. His power-hungry oppression caused his fellow statesmen to plot against and murder him. The scene illustrated in the painting displays the anger ignited in the conspira...

Roman Sculpture

...Roman sculptures are very important as the vast majority of them tell us a story about Gods, Heroes, Events, and act as public meeting areas. These statues played important roles in Julius Caesar, Ancient Rome, and modern-day society. Many sculptures were used to represent important events and people, and that cultural idea to represent significant events through art has transferred through into present-day society. Many of the statues that have survived are actually of Roman origin. Like many p...

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Antony Is a Tragic Hero

...Despite Anthony’s hubris, Shakespeare’s use of stage craft and language conjures up the sympathy of the audience . Regardless of Anthony’s hamavtia due to his generosity the way he treats soldiers and magnanimity , we still feel sympathy for him. Both the Jacobcan and modern audiences realise only under Caesars command would “a time of universal peace” be attained. As far as the amorous pair they have achieved their “new heaven new earth “which they so longed for ultimately through...

Julius Caesar in Point of View of Calpurnia

...I have just been informed Caesar has been stabbed by none other than Brutus and Cassius! Marc Antony has come to visit and has assured me someone will pay! He has spoken to the plebeians and they have taken our side. They will begin the hunt for Cassius and the other conspirators come night time. For now, I am being protected by several guards at all times of the day. Antony fears the conspirators will try to capture and hold me for ransom. He promised to send me what is going on and what the st...

Transition of Rome from Republic to Empire

...Military changes can be also added to the list of the main causes of the transition to imperialism. The constant wars required the maintenance of military forces in order to cope with rebellions. Although, the Roman authorities relied on conscriptions to overseas armies, it was no sense for young draftees to serve in such hostile regions as Spain, Sardinia, and Corsica for minimum payment. As a result, the authorities had to call upon the Italian allied states to contribute their military forces...

The Use of Power in Julius Caesar

...And the virtuousness, having everything to do with what it is to be civilized and socialized consists in a readiness to use the powers of his mind to calculate maximum benefit for others and thereby to make morally responsible judgements. And what this virtuous, civilized, intelligent and painstaking man achieves is utter desolation. He murders his friend; he brings about mob violence and civil war leading eventually to the disenchanted suicides of himself and another friend; and he shatters his...

Noblest Roman of All

...Brutus and his group of conspirators brutally murdered Caesar, whom Antony was very loyal to. Yet after the conspirators were killed Antony praised Brutus, not curse him as others expected him to. He believed of all the conspirators, only Brutus thought of the "common good," and had honest intentions toward the general populace. The rest merely envied Caesar's greatness; Brutus thought it a real threat to the Republic. He recognized Brutus as an honest man who was blinded by others with bad inte...

Is Aeneas pious

...And so, does this make him as much of a character of mythology as the monsters he encountered in hell, and because of this, I feel the important question is not: ‘is Aeneas pious? ’ but is instead, why is he pious? If Aeneas was not pious, and was instead a mimic of Homer’s Odysseus, who is often represented as Aeneas’ antithesis, would there be any purpose in Virgil’s poem? No, there would not, and this is why Aeneas is shown as pious, and was believed to be the ideal man by the Roman...

Cleopatra and Octavia

...In this version she is seen as more of an independent figure rather than one completely dominated by male relations as portrayed by Shakespeare. By moving Octavia into background Shakespeare allows a greater contrast between Octavia and Cleopatra, thus highlighting the great differences of lives in Egypt and lives in Rome. Plutrach wrote of Octavia's domestic virtues, whereas in Shakespeare's play Octavia is ridiculed especially by Cleopatra as seen in act 3 scene 3 Messenger: Madam, I heard her...

The character of Cleopatra

...However unlike Roman relationships, attendants play along 'wittily' with their masters. Near the end of the scene Cleopatra talks to Charmian about Antony and asks 'Did I, Charmian, Ever love Caesar so? ', Charmian is quite out spoken in answer to this, calling Caesar brave (splendid) and then valiant even after Cleopatra showed her great disgust for this. Of course after this Charmian realises Cleopatra is not in the playing mood as she threatens to 'give thee bloody teeth' if she were to ever ...

Julius Caesar Vocabulary


Jesus or Caesarion

...The three siblings were taken by Octavian and given to Octavia Minor, Octavian’s second elder sister and the siblings' father Mark Antony's former wife. Tiberius (16 November 42 BC – 16 March 37 AD), was Roman Emperor from 14 AD to 37 AD. Pontius Pilatus, known in the English-speaking world as Pontius Pilate, was the fifth Prefect of the Roman province of Judaea, from AD 26–36. He is best known as the judge at Jesus' trial and the man who authorized the crucifixion of Jesus. As prefect, he...

Conflicting perspectives

...When writing about Antony, consider the way he is presented as loyal, then angry and vengeful about the murder of Caesar, then pitiful, then scheming and manipulative. Take quotes from a range of places throughout the whole play to give the reader a better understanding of the narrative arc of this character. The final paragraph on AF could be edited. It is very long and veers away from the idea of conflicting perspectives in the middle and becomes an analysis of the novel. Throughout the discus...

Character Sketches of Julius Caesar

...Caesar is stubborn in his ways, as he chooses to dismiss the warning of the soothsayer. He shows this stubbornness once again when his refuses to listen to his wife who warned him not to go out into the storm. He is sometimes perceptive, but sometimes a little too trusting. He is perceptive when he judges Cassius as “Lean and hungry” but does nothing about it. He is betrayed by some of his closest friends, and he didn’t see it coming. Caesar eventually lets his ambitions get the better of ...

Appeals Compare and Contrast Essay

...Anthony had shown the audience of the Brutus’s betrayal without saying he wasn’t a honorable man. As Anthony says “He [Caesar] hath brought many captives home to Rome whose ransoms did the general coffers fill” showing that Caesar had cared for the city trying to bring wealth to the empire, but then Anthony says “but Caesar is ambitious” making the audience praise more for Caesar for he had brought wealth to the empire. Anthony shows the audience of Brutus’s act of violence which u...

English 2

...All through 'Julius Caesar' Mark Antony ends up being a shrewd open speaker, a fruitful military pioneer and a tricky lawmaker. He additionally demonstrates that the political decisions one makes are those that set him in a place where he will be presented to control this is apparent by they way he connects himself with ground-breaking pioneers like Caesar and Octavius. I at that point reason that Antony has constantly cherished power and he demonstrates that like any legislator he is happy to s...

Character voicing: Antony voicing his own ambitions after the civil war

...The last two literary devices used in the speech are examples of Asyndeton and Anaphora. The Asyndeton is found within the line “I will do everything in my power, pay any price, overcome any hardships, and oppose any foe to ensure the wellbeing of my men”, and the Anaphora in the lines “We shall move onward. We shall enforce our dominance. We shall prosper from our resources, and we shall continue our lives as distinguished individuals.” Both devices indicate Antony’s confidence and hi...

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