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julius caesar test!

what puns or plays-on-words did shakespeare make with the cobbler’s lines?
the cobbler is a “meander of soles”/”all that I am is with the awl”

what can you infer from the crowd from the way they are acting?
they are very rambunctious and excited for caesar’s return

who was pompey?
the previous ruler of rome

who is calpurnia?
caesar’s wife

what does the soothsayer say to caesar? what does it mean?
he says beware of march 15 because something bad will happen

what does caesar want calpurnia to do and why?
stand right in front of antonius’ path when he runs the race to let him touch her so she can become fertile

what does the crowd want from caesar and how does he react?
they want to crown him but caesar pretends he does not want it

what happens after the third refusal?
the crowd cheered and caesar fainted and foamed at the mouth

how does cassius plan to further convince brutus to join the conspiracy?
he sends forged notes from “the people” saying they want him to become king

caesar is superstitious but ignores the soothsayer. what does this say about his character?
he is in denial that anything could happen to him

why does caesar want “fat men” about him?
he doesn’t want people who are not happy and ambitious to be around him

in act I scene ii, what do we learn about caesar’s physical condition?
he has epilepsy, he is insecure and fragile

describe the “portentous things” casca said he saw
1. and own in daylight 2. slave with his hand on fire 3. men on fire and a hundred pale women looking at him 4. lion in the capital

how did cassius describe this unusual phenomena?
he said they are good signs and that “the gods approve what we are about to do”

what characters join the conspiracy in act I scene iii?
cicero and cinna

what effect does the stormy weather have in this scene?
the weather is ominous and adds a level of scariness

who is lucius?
brutus’ servant

what was the purpose of planting notes for brutus to find?
so brutus would agree with cassius to kill caesar

name all of the conspirators
cassius, casca, decius, cinna, metellus cimber, and trebonius

cassius wants the conspirators to swear an oath. How does brutus react to this idea?
as romans we are already honorable men and we do not need an oath

explain the discussion about cicero in act II scene i
the conspirators say cicero is old but they want to include them in their plan

describe portia and the surprising act she commits in act II scene i. why does she do this and how does brutus react to it?
portia, brutus’ wife, stabbed herself in the thigh to prove she was worthy and brutus was impressed and didn’t know what to do

what does brutus think about the idea of killing antony also?
he thinks the plan will seem too bloody and says they shouldn’t

describe calpurnia’s dream and her request to caesar
she has a dream that caesar was murdered and asks him not to go out today

who are the “augurs” and what did they discover?
they were religious officials who sacrificed an animal and “found no heart within the beast”

who convinces caesar to go to the capitol and how does he do it?
decius says they interpreted the dream wrong-it was a good dream

who is artemidorus and what has he done?
a learned man who reads aloud a letter foreshadowing caesar’s death

how does this brief scene (act II scene iii) create suspense?
the letter foreshadows the killing of caesar

why does portia send lucius to the capitol?
to see if brutus is alright and wish him well

did brutus ever have a chance to tell portia about the assassination plans?

what does metellus cimber request of caesar?
he wants to repeal the banishment of his brother

how does caesar respond to metellus cimber’s request?
he refuses and says he is the northern star

who stabs caesar first?

who stabs caesar last?
marcus brutus

as he is dying, what can you infer about caesar’s reaction to his assassination? (what was he surprised about?)
he was surprised that brutus betrayed him

after the assassination, why does mark antony send his servant to talk to brutus?
so the conspirators won’t kill antony

what does mark antony ask of the conspirators?
a safe passage to go to brutus and have him explain why caesar deserved to be killed

who agrees to antony’s request to the conspirators?

who does not agree with antony’s request to the conspirators but goes along with it? what are his concerns?
cassius because he distrusts him

what does mark antony predict will happen because of caesar’s death?

who is octavius caesar?
caesar’s successor

what does antony tell octavius’ servant?
go to octavius caesar and tell him what has happened and not to come, for it is not safe

find phrases or lines that indicate antony agrees with the conspirators
he shakes hands with them

what does antony say happens to the good that men do after they die?
the good is buried with their bones

what acts and attributes does antony point out that show that caesar was not “ambitious”?
he always wept

how does antony appeal to the people’s need in act III scene ii?
he has the will of caesar

what does antony keep saying about the conspirators in act III scene ii?
they are honorable men

who arrives in rome at the end of act III scene ii?

what did brutus and cassius do while antony was speaking in act III scene ii?
they were riding like madmen through rome’s gates

who is cinna in act III scene iii?
the poet

what happens to cinna in act III scene iii?
the mob attacks him and kills him

why would shakespeare include act III scene iii in this play?
to show how mad the people are at the conspirators

are you aware of other instances of “mob rule” or “mob behavior”? describe one here
when antony is reading the will of caesar to the people

who is in the second “triumvirate”?
octavius caesar, antony, and lepidus

what would by the advantage of having three rulers, rather than one?
checks and balances and a division of power

what are the three rulers doing at the start of act IV?
making a death hit list of those who were involved in the conspiracy

after lepidus leaves, what does antony say about him?
he is only good for errands

in act IV scene i we see a different side of antony compared to the previous act. how so?
he is creating a list of people that must die and he agrees to include his own nephew. he also speaks critically about a fellow member of the triumvirate

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